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10 Gram 1-Triacontanol Plant Growth Hormone In China/ Triacontanol With Low Price Doot To Door Service

10 Gram 1-Triacontanol Plant Growth Hormone In China/ Triacontanol With Low Price Doot To Door Service
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Product Details
  • ClassificationPlant Food
  • Einecs No.209-794-5
  • ApplicationPalnt Growth Hormone
  • Model NumberFm020
  • Purity90%
  • Brand NameFarmreaching
  • StateGranular
  • Other NamesTriacontanol
  • MfC30H62O
  • Cas No.593-50-0
Product Description
Notes: All the goods in our store can offer small order such as: 10gram/order' 25 gram/order' 50 gram/order' 100 gram/order' If you have the needs,just leave me a message. In order to pass your local custom safely, we may change another name to apply for custom, but the goods we send is what you order, if you buy the goods means accept this point.

Becasue Differnt country has different policy.
To make the goods get your address easily ,sometimes i have to use another express company which is no as same as you selected.

If it is not acceptable for you, before place the order, pls contact with me to confirm it.

Thanks for your attention !!! Triacontanol for Plant Growth Regulator 1. Chemical Analysis: Items Standard Assay(GC) % NLT 90.0 Total Higher Aliphatic Alcohols % NLT 98.0 Appearance White powder Sieve Analysis 100% pass 80 mesh Melting Point 80-83 Solubility Insoluble in water, Soluble in hot hydrocarbon, alcohol and chloroform Loss on Drying ≤0.5% Acid Value ≤1.5 Residue on Lgnition ≤0.1% Heavy Metals (Pb) ≤3ppm Arsenic (AS2O3) ≤1.5ppm Hg ≤1ppm Cd ≤1ppm 2. Basic Informations: 1. Appearance: The pure product is white flaky crystal; 2. Solubility: Triacontanol is insoluble in water, difficult to dissolve in cold ethanol, benzene, soluble in chloroform, methylene chloride. It's stable to heat. Light, air, heat and alkali; 3. Melting point: 80~87.5 . Boiling point: under 66.66Pa is 244 degrees centigrade. Relative density: (88 ) of 0.777. Storage conditions: 2~8. Thriacontanol plays a variety of physiological role: 1. To promote energy storage; 2. To improve cell permeability; 3. To increase chlorophyll content and photosynthetic strength; 4. To enhance enzymatic activity, and promote mineral absorption ; 5. To promote seed germination , and rooting, 6. To increase protein dry material content, promote maturation of plants. 3. Precausions: Triacontanol is not a kind of plant nutrient, the spray concentration can not be blindly increase. It's not a substitute for fertilizer and other measures to increase production. 4. Packing: 1 kg net bag or 25 kgs net drum.
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