10 Pcs Bluetooth Cell 3.7V Lithium Polymer Battery 501240 051240 501240 200Mah Mp3

10 Pcs  Bluetooth Cell 3.7V Lithium Polymer Battery 501240 051240 501240 200Mah Mp3

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Product Details

  • Model Number501240
  • TypeBattery Pack
  • PackageNo
  • RechargeableYes
  • UseMp3 / Mp4 Player
  • UseMp3/mp4 Battery
  • BatteryOther Brands
  • Model051240501240
  • Capacity500Mah And Below
  • ServiceOther
  • Battery PropertiesAssembly

Product Description

=Product Information=Model:501240551240Capacity: 200MAHRated voltage:3.7VCharging voltage:4.2VSize:Thick 5MM *W 12MM *Length 40MM
10 PCS  Bluetooth cell 3.7V lithium polymer battery 501240 051240 501240 200MAH MP3

Nominal voltage:3.7VCharging voltage:4.2VThe main features: 1, High discharge platform , the average voltage exceeds3.7V, Low resistance , fast charging time 2, Good security , with over charge protection, over -discharge protection, over current protection3ProtectICTechnical Parameters: Overcharge protection voltage4.20V ± 0.05V4, Over- discharge protection voltage2.7V ± 0.1V5Overcurrent protection3.0 ± 1.0A (2.7V ~ 4.25V)6Discharge temperature:-20 ° C ~ +60 ° C7ProtectICParameter: Overcharge protection voltage4.20V ± 0.05V, Over- discharge protection voltage2.7V ± 0.1V
8, High voltage,High energy density
9, Long cycle life,Safe
10, Shape , size, spiritual words
11, Self-discharge, pollution12Application:MP3/MP4Bluetooth/ GPRS / GPSPhone ,PDA, Small toys,Digital cameras and cameras and other digital products .The main features:1.Various sizes : Type and capacity options,Applicability2.Quality Assurance: UseAProduct batteries,High Capacity,Low internal resistance3.Stable performance: Long cycle life:Continuous charge and discharge500After time , the battery capacity is not less than the rated capacity80% .4.No memory effect: any time to charge and discharge5.Safe: Built-in circuit protection board Seiko,A short circuit , overcharge , over discharge, under shock, vibration, acupuncture , heat, and other states no fire, no explosion and so on.Note:Battery Handling Precautions: prohibit the use of a sharp object to touch the foil packaging materials, not bend the top edge, not open or destroy the hems , pole bending ears fragile ban prohibiting fallImpactBend the battery at any time prohibit the use of short-circuit or reverse polarity battery .Other matters : to prevent a short circuit within the battery pack strictly prohibited remove the battery , the battery in a fire is prohibited , prohibited the battery immersed in liquid ( such as: water, drinks , juice, coffee ) , they shall not replace the battery , prohibit the use of a damaged battery .=Battery Introduction=I.MP3Lithium battery lifeAnd mobile phone lithium batteries as generalMP3Built-in rechargeable lithium battery life is deep deep discharge300-500After time around ( GB ) , which is using about two years, playing time will be significantly reduced , or even completely unable to boot using , then you have to replace the battery before use. Almost all of the brand-name computers because no service , in order to reduce costs, when installed inside using aBCommodities battery ( factory defective products , defective , grade product ) , three months after the general use of battery performance may plummet , life is even shorter.Second,MP3Duration of lithiumPlaying time and the battery capacity and the size of the machine \\\'s power consumption , the greater the more general screen power consumption , the battery is also larger .1.2Inch screen belowMP3The lithium battery capacity is generally150 - 300mAh,After playing time at full power8Hours1.5-1.8Inch screenMP3The lithium battery capacity is generally300 - 1000mAh, 2.5Inch screenMP4Battery capacity1800mAhAbout.Brand-name computers because no service , in order to reduce costs, when installed inside using aBCommodities battery ( factory defective products , defective , grade product ) , the general capacity thanACommodities low20%About,Playback time will be shorter.Third, how to judge my camera battery problems ?If youMP3Bluetooth devices have the following phenomena , it is a battery problem fixed , to be replaced :1Use has been more than a year , playing ( standby ) time was significantly shorter (3Hours ) , the battery capacity decreases life to .2, Can not boot , or power : battery internal short circuit or poor quality of the hair and blow up or resistance becomes larger , the battery fails .3Play effect of variation : battery internal resistance increases , the output voltage is too low .4, Can not play : battery protection circuit ring or rings , battery failure .Note:MP3If the start is normal , but later found faulty , then90%The above is the battery reasons, the chances for other electronic components smaller ring , while the battery is a consumable , uneven quality , and with the charger output voltage is generally higher , the pressure is not limited dedicated lithium (4.2V)Function,Complete protection against cell lines,Vulnerable.A valuableMP3Due to reasons not to use a small battery is odious!Fourth, how do you know the machine \\\'s battery model ?1, open the machine : To boldly open the machine , MP3 interior is very simple , do not worry it will damage the machine . Carefully check the machine to see whether the screw , there it can be opened with a small screwdriver , housing in general is not bonded or have snap buckle , and after a week with a knife along the seam can poke or scratch Alice opened carefully, generally will not be damaged shells , buttons and other attention .2 , you will see after opening the battery if the battery is silver , then the lithium polymer battery , the outside is plastic film packaging , if other colors are steel or aluminum lithium battery , the skin is PVC plastic put , the more blue , but also black.3, see Battery Type: Battery are sprayed with a general model ( in fact represented battery size ) , recorded under the above words can be, if not with a ruler about the long generous record.Fifth, how to buy the required battery?First disassemble the machine to see the battery ( will dismantle their own self- demolition , repair technicians will not find a split ) , most batteries are marked with the model , in fact, is the battery type high ( thick ) , width, length , there are models in Our table below for the model , if not on , you can contact the restaurant to go with . If you still with less , you can use a similar model , which is similar to a small point , for example , you are552030, Not in the table , the available052030, Except that the height ( thickness) of the small0.5, With a thick0.5The paper put up loaded up in the machine to prevent shaking, such as machine space , on the contrary it can find similar large . If the battery is not the model , or do not see , is simple, with a ruler to measure the length, width , height , and then from the table, according to the above method to find similar capacity size should not be considered able accompanied on the trip. Another point is that the machine is not used for a small number of lithium battery , the voltage is not3.7 (3.6) VOf,Probably1.2VOr2.4VOf,Must contact the owner .Sixth, replace the batteryThe red line is the positive battery , black line is negative , the solder under the original battery , the new battery positive and negative according to the original position welding on it. Able to get yourself on their own , do not own , outside the place as long as there is electric iron ( Maintenance Division ) on help to master the point on OK.

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