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10 Pcs/lot Skin Care Simengdi Bio-Gold Pearl Cream 60G/pcs Whitening Cream Anti-Aging Cream

10 Pcs/lot Skin Care Simengdi Bio-Gold Pearl Cream 60G/pcs Whitening Cream Anti-Aging Cream
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Product Details
  • UseFace
  • Item TypeCream
  • GenderUnisex
  • FeatureMoisturizing
  • IngredientPearl
  • Model NumberNew
  • Net Wt60G
  • Feature:Whitening
  • Main IngredientPearl
  • CertificationIso
  • Age GroupAdults
  • Place Of OriginChina (Mainland)
Product Description
10 pcs/lot Skin Care SIMENGDI Bio-Gold Pearl Cream 60g/pcs whitening cream anti-aging cream

10 pcs/lot Skin Care SIMENGDI Bio-Gold Pearl Cream 60g/pcs whitening cream anti-aging cream

10 pcs/lot Skin Care SIMENGDI Bio-Gold Pearl Cream 60g/pcs whitening cream anti-aging cream

Bio-Gold Pearl Anti-Aging Cream
What is Simengdi Bio-Gold Pearl Cream?
Simengdi Bio-Gold Pearl Cream is the most famous skin care brand in China.
Simengdi Bio-Gold Pearl Cream is a combination of Bio-Gold with Pearl essence, prepared with care using the latest biotechnology.
Containing gentle hyaluronic acid, moisturizing vitamin E, and rich in essential amino acids from hydrolyzed pearl liquid, Bio-Gold Pearl Cream rejuvenates and smoothes the outer layer of your skin, leaving it incredibly soft.
It stimulates the cell regeneration process, thus preventing the skin from ageing, and leaves a supple, smooth and youthful complexion.
What are the Main Ingredients and Functions?
Bio-Gold, Extracts of Ginseng Ganoderma, Hydrolyzed Pearl Essence, moisturising Vitamin E, gentle Hyaluronic Acid and Long Chain Fatty Alcohol.
1. Bio-Gold
- Bio-degradable gold reduces the damanging effects of free radicals.
- It is a water-soluble compound which strengthens the skin by cross-binding collagen.
- Anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory.
2. Hydrolyzed Pearl Essence
- Rich in essential amino acids, it can accelerate the metabolism of skin cells.
- R educe wrinkles and slow down the ageing process.
3. Ginseng Extract
- Wild ginseng collected from Chang bai Mountain is considered in China as the herb for "eternal life".
- Rich in ginsengoside, vitamin B and minerals, it is used to stimulate the metabolism of skin to improve micro-circulation and enhance the activity of skin cells.
- It may also eradicate free radicals to slow down skin’s aging process.
4. Ganoderma Extract
Ganoderma has been described as "the King of Herbs" and "the God\'s Herb" in the East. It grows on the top of the high mountains. It is extremely difficult to collect.
It is rarely used in the West, but in the East it has been revered as a herbal medicine, both for woman\'s health and for skin care for thousands of years. Contains organic germanium, polysaccharides and alkaloid.
Today, scientisis have proof that Ganoderma can provide relief for acne, fine lines, age spots and the sun damaged skin.
5. Vitamin E
- Supplies nutrition to skin.
- Increases skin\'s elasticity and slows the aging of skin.
6. Hyaluronic Acid
- Moisturizing factor which keeps the water balance among the skin cells.
7. Long Chain Fatty Alcohol
- Fatty alcohols are emulsifiers and emollients to make the skin smoother and prevent moisture loss.

What are the features?
- Shaped like a string of pure white pearls, each of the bead is for one use.
- Each box comes with a 60g bottle, with a small white spatula.
- Suggested for Evening use.
(Bio-gold may provide maximum levels of beneficial antioxidant and anti-aging effect especially during the evening restoration period!)
How do You use it?
- After cleansing in the morning and evening or before make-up, scoop out a proper amount of clear gel and pearl beads with attached spoon, blend lightly then massage over your face gently.
- China\'s forefather in medicine, Doctor Li Shizhen of Ming Dynasty wrote in his "Classical Chinese Materia Medica" these directions for pearl cream use: "When spread on the face, it lubricates the skin and gives good complexion. When spread on the hands and feet, it smoothes skin and relieves chaps."
How does the Bio-Gold Pearl Cream Benefit Your Skin?
· Deeply hydrates your skin for a beautiful, radiant and glowing complexion.
· Nourishes your skin with 18 pearl and silk derived amino acids for maximum daily repair.
· Increases collagen and elastin production.
· Eliminates dry, flaky and cracked skin.
· Melts away fine lines and wrinkles day and night.
· Diminishes the appearance of age spots while evening out your skin tones.
· Improves your skin\'s firmness and elasticity
· Silk peptide proven more effective than alpha hydroxy or Retin-A
· Hypo-allergenic and Non comedogenic.
SIMENGDI Bio-Gold Pearl Cream is radically different from other skin care products. It transports vital moisture to the deep layers of your skin, with essential amino acids increasing collagen and elastin production. It rejuvenates and smoothes the outer layer of skin, leaving it incredibly soft, moistened, and flexible.

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