100% Pure Plant Base Oil Essential Oils Skin Care Morocco Argan Oil 50Ml Moisturizing Anti-Aging Acne Freckle

100% Pure Plant Base Oil Essential Oils Skin Care Morocco Argan Oil 50Ml Moisturizing Anti-Aging Acne Freckle

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Product Details

  • Essential Oil TypePure Essential Oil
  • Ingredient100%pure Plant Base Oil
  • Item TypeEssential Oil
  • Cosmetics FeatureDegrees Moisturizing, Absorption
  • Cosmetics Capacity50G / Ml
  • Cosmetics The EfficaciesAnti Sensitive
  • IngredientCoconut Oil
  • Cosmetics EfficaciesMoisturizing, Ruptured
  • Cosmetics Moisturizing The EfficaciesAnti Aging Anti-Wrinkle /

Product Description

Product Name: Morocco argan oil English name: argan oil
Country of Origin: Morocco[Overview]
A nut oil, also known as glycerol, which grows in Morocco by a tree nut extract from Forrest Gump, Moroccans are using the generations. In recent years, studies have found that many of the unique chemical composition, so that it becomes a problem to deal with a variety of skin and hair beauty treasures! From A glycerol has been attracting constant attention outside Europe and America every year, a large number of imports from Morocco Argan oil, which has been recognized worldwide that "liquid gold" and become a reliable natural skin care products. A Glycerin is a very precious natural oils, which are rich in vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids, argan oil as a beauty product can be used to massage the face, nails, hair and body.

100% pure plant base oil Essential oils skin care Morocco argan oil 50ml Moisturizing Anti-Aging Acne Freckle

[ A glycerol to protect the skin]
Anti-wrinkle cream
A Ganyou Fu containing sterols and polyphenols and other ingredients to help the skin\'s metabolism, delay skin aging process. Phytosterols help soften the skin and stimulate the pores detoxification , restoring the skin\'s natural lipid barrier ; while polyphenols as antioxidants to fight free radicals is known for its anti-wrinkle cream .
A high content of glycerol natural vitamin E and essential fatty acids , linoleic acid can effectively restore and maintain skin moisture , repair dry, rough skin ; A glycerin can be quickly absorbed by the skin , giving your skin supple and shiny.
Hair Care
Argan oil painting will be in the hands kneading and then apply to the hair tip , you can increase the hair nutrition, A Ganyou Fu contained vitamin E can repair dry hair and split ends, reduce dandruff .
Treatment of frostbite with special effects
A Ganyou Fu containing sterols , polyphenols , squalene and vitamin E in the prevention of frostbite , skin cracking , skin diseases and other skin problems have a good effect .
Help repair acne and scars
Argan oil contains squalene and other ingredients have been shown to combat skin cancer, and is widely used repair acne, pimples and blemishes in general , and to prevent its rebirth , it also helps repair scar .
Very safe and healthy baby skin care products
A smear of glycerol in the abdomen is used to relieve and eliminate stretch marks, pregnancy spots ; 100% pure natural organic argan oil is a good skin care baby fragile products, helps to deal with dry skin , easing flush.
Soften cuticles
Use a few drops of argan oil in your nails or skin, gently, can effectively protect your brittle nails, software aging of your body perfect skin .
A glycerol were used for the first few doses first try , and then use the results according to appropriate changes in oil usage.

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