100% Silk Screen Mesh Fabric 40T(100 Mesh) Screen Fabric Silk Screening Mesh

100% Silk Screen Mesh Fabric 40T(100 Mesh) Screen Fabric Silk Screening Mesh

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Product Details

  • ElasticityHigh
  • Material100% Polyester
  • Monofilament StyleNo
  • Weave TypePlain
  • PrintingSilk Screen Printing
  • Model Number40T
  • Mesh Count100 Mesh/40T
  • Is_CustomizedYes
  • Brand NameDj
  • RelatedSilk Screen Printing

Product Description

Screen Mesh Fabric (100 Mesh Count / 40T Screen Fabric) Fabric is used as supporter of an ink-blocking stencil. Polyester has replaced traditional silk as the fabric of choice among screenprinters all over the world because of its tensile strength, elastic memory and resistance to chemicals, abrasion heat and moisture.Polyester is woven from yarn that is extruded from heated polyester into a single strand. The extruded threadis the spun to a precise diameter.

Difference between yellow and white silk screen fabric:

The yellow or orange mesh tends to eliminate the parasite lights which can reduce the engraving resolution. It is particularly useful on fabrics with a high count mesh (from 120 threads/cm and up), when engraving screened back images or for very fine lines. It improves the performance of the neon light exposure units, as a source of indirect light, like the neon, tends to produce a lot of parasite light. According to our experience, the yellow mesh does not make much difference on a 100/cm threads or less fabric. It is worth mentioning the fact that with a yellow mesh one needs to proportionally increase the exposure time, as this mesh absorbs the light.
Main Features
Made of monofilament polyester with high tension threshold and breaking point
Resist to chemicals, abrasion, heat and moisture
Less tension loss during the stretching process
Improved registration due to stable fabric tension
Width:1.39 Yard (1.27m)

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