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10Pcs New Wide Voltage 5V-30V Trigger Delay Relay Module Timer Module Delay Conduction Delay Switch

10Pcs New Wide Voltage 5V-30V Trigger Delay Relay Module Timer Module Delay Conduction Delay Switch
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Product Details
  • Protect FeatureEpoxy
  • SizeSubminiature
  • UsageGeneral Purpose
  • Contact LoadLow Power
  • TheoryElectromagnetic Relay
  • Model Number5V
Product Description
Module highlights:
Time can be adjusted by the potentiometer, to meet the use of most of your occasions. With 5.0V MicroUSB power input, the use is very convenient. 5--30V ultra wide power supply voltage. External trigger and plate load button two trigger modes. With the relay indicator. Anti interference ability, all kinds of interference in the relay will not miss the action, suitable for industrial control.
Module characteristics: 1 working voltage: wide voltage 5--30V between any voltage, MicroUSB and welding terminal two kinds of power supply interface 2 work mode: to the module power supply, the module output state is: normally open (NO) and common side (COM) off, normally closed (NC) and common (COM) conduction. In the external contact the originator (trig) to a low pulse signal, or touch the trigger of the key moment, relay and suction, work indicating lamp is bright, at this time, relay output state: normally open (no) and the common end (COM) conduction, normally closed (NC) and the common end (COM) is disconnected, after 0-24 seconds (this time can according to your needs self-regulation) clock after the relay is switched off, then relay back to trigger the state before. 3 time can be adjusted by potentiometer, the default 0-24 seconds. If you need more time, you can replace the larger capacitor (C2) or potentiometer. Time delay formula: T = 1.1RC. For example: the capacitor 22uF resistor T=1.1*0.000022*1000000=24.2 is 1M seconds. With 4 relay indicator. 5 module can be controlled: 250VAC 10A (AC), 30VDC 10A (DC) following load. 6 relay protection. 7 module signal terminal design with the pull and filter circuit, strong anti-interference ability, suitable for industrial control. Many manufacturers are added to the optocoupler isolation, but module and the trigger signal and no isolation, the role of anti interference of. After the test, it is found that the stability of the trigger end can be improved. The module is not in the moment of the electromagnetic interference environment, or the module power off. 8 dimensions: 5.4*1.9*1.8cm (L * w * h) 9 weight: 16g
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