12K/33Ohminfrared Underfloor Heating Cable System 3Mm110M Concrete Engineering Materials,silicon Carbon Fiber Electric Wire Warm

12K/33Ohminfrared Underfloor Heating Cable System 3Mm110M Concrete Engineering Materials,silicon Carbon Fiber Electric Wire Warm

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Product Description

12K/33OhmInfrared Underfloor Heating Cable System 3mm110M Concrete engineering materials,Silicon carbon fiber electric wire warm

Plus an entire roll of 100 m 10 m product line

Product Name: silicone rubber carbon fiber hair line
Insulation material: silicone rubber (Rou Ruan)
Temperature limit: 200 degrees Celsius
Heating conductor: 12K
High voltage test: 3000V
Leakage current: 0.05mA/m
Product power: 25W/M can withstand power
Rated voltage: 300V
Complete outside diameter: 3MM
Optional color: brown red
Outer diameter tolerance: 0.25-0.3MM
Infrared wavelength: 8UM-18UM
Conductor resistance: 33
Use length: (customer self, recommended not less than 10 m)
Joint processing: provide cold wire joint processing (each additional 2 yuan to buy their own materials, can also do it yourself)

Product power calculation:
X = power voltage, voltage resistance
For example: 12K carbon fiber 10 m length
* 220V / 220V (10 m x 33 ohm =150 watts)
For example: 12K carbon fiber 15 m length
* 220V / 220V (15 m x 33 ohm =100 watts)
The above data can be seen from the use of heating wire, the longer the power of the hot wire Product features:
With excellent heat resistance, it can be used for a long time at 160, and can be used for 100000 hours at 200.
Excellent insulation properties, insulation resistance greater than 500m Omega, in a wide temperature and frequency range of the resistance remained stable, has good resistance of high-voltage corona discharge and arc discharge.
A flame-retardant and self extinguishing, Teflon don't contain halide, heating do not smoke or emit toxic gases, apply strictly to various fire situations.
Have good cold resistance and good medical treatment.

Application domain:
Suitable for farms, pig insulation board, jade bed, electric blanket, electric heating towel rack, footbath, rice cookers, pet pad, electric warm clothing, piping warm, to warm the project, electric heating, warm blanket blankets.
Pigs buried cement board insulation board recommended 1 square meters number is 10 meters to maintain the temperature of 35-45 degrees

Company certification:
Zibo Shandong flying Electric Meter Co., Ltd. has passed 1S09001-2000 quality system and the EU UL certification, the EU CUL certification, the EU SGS environmental certification, in line with the quality of the first, service oriented business philosophy, dedicated to provide our customers with quality products and excellent service, create a win-win harmonious development of the future.

Far infrared effect:
Infrared ray is one of the most capable of deep skin and subcutaneous tissue in all solar light. Due to the proximity of the far infrared ray and the human body cell and molecular vibration frequency, after the "light of life" penetrate the body, will cause resonance of atoms and molecules in human cells, through the resonance absorption, between molecular friction heat formation in the thermal reaction, prompted the skin deep temperature rise, and microvascular expansion, accelerate the blood circulation, to remove blood accumulation and the body of harmful substances, the prejudice to the metabolic disorder clearance, again to revive tissues, promote the generation of enzyme, can activate cells, prevent aging, strengthen the immune system. So far infrared ray for blood circulation and microcirculation disorder caused by a variety of diseases have improved and prevention and control effect.

In addition, some harmful substances on the human body, such as food of heavy metals and other toxic substances, lactic acid, free fatty acids, fat and subcutaneous fat, sodium ion, uric acid and accumulated in the pores of cosmetics, remnants can by the help of metabolism, and no need of kidney, directly from the skin and sweat discharge, can avoid the burden increase in kidney.

The principle of far infrared health care products, antiphlogistic detumescence
Far infrared thermal effect, through the neurohumoral response to eliminate the inflammatory pathological process, originally was the destruction of physiological balance state is restored and improve the local and systemic disease resistance, activates the immune cell function, strengthen the white cells and reticuloendothelial cells phagocytosis to anti-inflammatory antimicrobial.

Far infrared heat effect, so that the skin temperature increases, the ability to reduce the sympathetic nerve, so that the release of vasoactive substances, blood vessels, blood flow, blood circulation improved, enhanced tissue nutrition, active tissue metabolism, improve the oxygen supply of the lesion area, enhanced the ability of cell regeneration, control the development of inflammation and to limit, accelerate the repair of lesions.

Far infrared thermal effect, improve the microcirculation, and establish the collateral circulation, and enhance the stability of the cell membrane, regulate ion depth, promote the excretion of metabolic waste and toxic substances, accelerate the absorption of ooze, led to a retreat of the inflammatory edema.

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