1Kg Agriculture Fertilizer Amino Acid Powder Water Soluble

1Kg Agriculture Fertilizer Amino Acid Powder Water Soluble

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  • ClassificationPlant Food
  • Mf--
  • Einecs No.--
  • Cas No.--
  • Other NamesAmino Acid Powder
  • ApplicationPlant Food
  • Purity--
  • Brand NameCzy Delgado
  • StatePowder
  • RelatedAmino Acid Powder, Czy Delgado, Plant Food

Product Description

18 main free amino acids, There are 9 essential amino acids.The content is about 25%, The total content of all kinds of amino acids is about 35%-40%. It also contains about 18% organic and inorganic nitrogen, About 0.5% of phosphorus, Potassium 2%-4% It has long and short effect nitrogen supplement and potassium supplement for crop growth. Spraying Dilute 2000 times to spray flushes apply 1-2kg / 666 Square meter 1. Regulate the synthesis of plants hormones and enhance the physiological activity.
2. Low-molecular weight organic nutrients, decrease the bio-energy consumption of plants

3. Promote the absorption and transportation of nutritional elements in soil by roots of plant, adjust and enhance the utilization efficiency of elements.

4. Photosynthesis. Promote the synthesis of chlorophyll and photosynthetic electron transport, relieve the midday depression of photosynthesis on plants, increase the photosynthetic rate and accumulation of photosynthetic products.

5. Plant Growth Acceleration. Significantly accelerate seedling growth, increase plants yield.

6. Flower and Fruit Protection. Increase pollen germination rate and the length of pollen tube, decrease fruit and blossom drop, increase the fruit yield.

7. Improvements in fruit quality. Promote the synthesis of anthocyanin in fruits epidermis and accumulation of sugar content, improve the External and Internal Quality of fruits.

8. Postpone senescence. Enhance the root activity of plants, postpone plant senescence, improve the storability of agricultural products to extend shelf life.

9. Enhance resistance and stress tolerance. Increase the thickness and strength of cell wall, induce Plant Cell Signal Transduction and activity of antioxidative enzymes, strengthen the plant stress resistance.

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