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1Pc 40Cmx60Cm Photopolymer Plate Stamp Making Diy Letterpress Polymer Stamp Maker Systerm

1Pc 40Cmx60Cm Photopolymer Plate Stamp Making Diy Letterpress Polymer Stamp Maker Systerm
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Product Details
  • StyleNegative
  • UseOffset Printing
  • Model NumberPp4060
  • TypePs Plate
  • MaterialPhotopolymer
  • Is_CustomizedYes
Product Description
Usually we cut it into 4 pcs 20x30cm, it is good for safe shipping.
Photopolymer plates, or Solar plates as they are also known, are used in the Flexographic printing industry. They have also been used by Artist Printmakers for many years,and can be used to make personal stamp easily.
Making the plates is easy and can be done in the home, no harmful or dangerous chemicals are needed and the equipment used is easily and cheaply obtained.

Print the image that you want to use to create your photopolymer plate on a transparency sheet using an inkjet printer. Cut a piece of photopolymer plate 1/4 inch wider and taller than the design on the transparency sheet, using the metal shears. Trim the transparency to the same size as the plate.
Cut the two pieces of clear acrylic the same size as the plate, using the metal shears. Remove the protective film from the surface of the plate that will be exposed. Position the plate on one piece of acrylic. Place the transparency on the surface of the photopolymer plate with the ink side down. Place the second piece of acrylic on top of the transparency.
Place the clamps on each of the four sides of the acrylic, plate and transparency, to hold them together. Place the entire assembly under an ultraviolet lamp. Set a timer for 1 minute.
Turn on the lamp and activate the timer. Turn the ultraviolet lamp off when the timer reaches the set time. Remove the exposed plate and remove the clamps from it.
Place the exposed plate under 4 or 5 cups of clean water in a large plastic bowl. Brush away the soft unexposed photopolymer from the surface of the plate using a soft nail brush. Hold the plate under water and use a firm circular scrubbing motion.
Dry the plate using a hair dryer on low heat. Set the timer for 1 minute, and place the dry plate under the ultraviolet lamp for a final hardening. Turn off the lamp and remove the plate.
Size :40x60 CM
Photopolymer thickness: 1.5mm
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