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1Pcs Dac-50 Decoder Empty Board Pcm63 Chip 6922 Tube Output

1Pcs Dac-50 Decoder Empty Board Pcm63 Chip 6922 Tube Output
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Product Details
  • Model NumberPcb
  • Base MaterialAudio
  • Copper ThicknessDip
  • Min. Hole Size1
  • Min. Line Width1
  • Min. Line Spacing1
  • Surface Finishing1
  • Is_CustomizedYes
Product Description
DAC50useBBThe famous companyPCM63 KGrade chip, the chip has a sense of relaxed natural music, mellow frequency advantages. acceptable44.1 kHz to 96 kHzSignal, the equivalentDVD AUDIOThe quality can be completely up to the current highest levelCDTurntable or frequency hoist used in conjunction.
Line structure, the number of selected parts of the most trusted96 kHzReceiver, model numberCS8414, With an external high-precision oscillator, so thatJITTERTo a minimum, to ensure the purity of music. WithDF1704, And finally into the decoder chipPCM63, Machine design are used on the market the best quality chips. Simulation is another highlight of this model, the first is to discard the cheapOP ICdoLPF (Low pass filter), And the use of vacuum tube to do the output components, completely avoidedICOf the impact, but also to avoid the use of a large number of negative feedback, resulting in loss of detail. Line architecture2only6DJ8doSRPPContinuous output, the output amplitude is large,S / NThan the extremely high, at the same time with low output impedance characteristics, more importantly, the entire analog signal output is entirely handled by a simple vacuum tube, without any trace of crystal orICOf the composition. In addition to the above, a variety of audio tonic level components are everywhere. Such asELNAPrecision ceramicsFOR AUDIOElectrolytic capacitors,DALEMilitary regulatory resistance and other components of the fever, even the most minor place are left off. In this case,DAC-50 circuit board: 120 yuan / block Matching transformer R26-90 × 1, R26-93 × 1
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