230V Diesel Engine Block Preheater 3000W

230V Diesel Engine Block Preheater 3000W

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Product Details

  • Item TypeHeating & Fans
  • Item Height7 Cm
  • Brand NameSimate
  • Model NameS-8005
  • Item Width10 Cm
  • Special FeaturesWith Pump
  • External Testing CertificationCe
  • Item Length22 Cm
  • Material TypeAluminum
  • Item Diameter10 Cm
  • Item Weight1.5 Kg
  • Color NameGold
  • Rated Voltage230V
  • Rated Power3000W
  • Rated Frequency50Hz
  • Pump Flow900L/h
  • Temperature Controller60-65 Degrees Celsius
  • Outlet Diameter16Mm
  • Pump Life5000 Hours
  • The Life Of Heating Elements8000 Hours
  • Waterproof RatingIp44

Product Description

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Our company Recruitment Agents. Product three-dimensional picture:
230V Diesel engine block preheater 3000W

This time you need SIMATE engine preheater:
230V Diesel engine block preheater 3000W

Use SIMATE engine preheater heating the engine
230V Diesel engine block preheater 3000W

SIMATE engine preheater size comparison char Product detailed pictures:
1: Hot antifreeze 2: Outlet 3: Inlet 4: Cold antifreeze
230V Diesel engine block preheater 3000W

Installation Diagram
1.cooler coolant 2.Water pump 3.Radiator fan 4.Thermostat 5.Heat exchanger
6.Valve heat exchanger (Optional) 7.Engine 8.air flow 9.engine preheater 10.T-connector
230V Diesel engine block preheater 3000W

Production Figure
230V Diesel engine block preheater 3000W

Our working hours are:universal time from 1:00 to 13:00.
Our goods factory before they are 16 processes detected. Comply with CE standards to guarantee the quality of products manufactured.
If there is no quality problems. We do not accept returns. Returns all costs incurred. Responsible by the buyer.
Because of customs duties. Therefore, the declared value of our products are generally 12 $ per set. If you have special needs, please state!

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Have any questions, please contact me.I will be 24 hours to answer your question.

Dear Customer,
The engine preheater must under no circumstances (not even for testing purposes) be connected to the power
supply prior to installation in the vehicle. This also applies to test assemblies for testing purposes.
Due to the lack of ventilation, it is inevitable that the product would be destroyed immediately.
The warranty becomes null and void in the event of improper use.
In addition, improper use poses a danger to life ! ! !
Thank you for your kind attention.

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