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250Mm X 30M High Temperature Heat Resistant Polyimide Pcb Tape, Insulating Tape, Gold Bga Tape

250Mm X 30M High Temperature Heat Resistant Polyimide Pcb Tape, Insulating Tape, Gold Bga Tape
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Product Details
  • Model Number20Cm
  • Brand NameOem
  • Tensile Strength42N/25Mm
  • MaterialComposite Polymer
  • TypeInsulation Tape
Product Description
Size: 250mm(width)×33m(length) Technical parametersColor: AmberThickness: 0.055mmElongation: 50%Tensile strength: ≥ 42N/25mmPeel strength: ≥ 26N/25mmTack: 24 #Holding power: 48H(Note: The data for the product testing common values, for reference, not as acceptance criteria) Product PerformanceGoldfinger tape polyimide film as the substrate temperature silicone coating is made, the color is brown (amber), Goldfinger tape sticky good, obedient, good temperature, solvent, no infiltration tin, not adhesive residue, products with superior electrical performance:Short-term temperature 300 Celsius degree, long-term temperature 250 Celsius degree;High insulation, high temperature, low temperature, acid, low electrolysis, good mechanical properties, abrasion, tear;Special adhesive treatment, adhesion strength, tear after masking the surface without leaving traces. The main purposeMainly used in paint, coating, sealing, shoe, packaging fixed, construction and decoration industries;Widely used as the electronics industry in transformers, motors, coils, capacitors and variable frequency power supply, high-temperature insulation winding;For printed circuit board (PCB), SMT tin stoves, wave soldering process masking Goldfinger;High-grade electrical insulation protection and lithium battery positive and negative fixation;For solder protection;Cell phone lithium battery manufacturing strapping.
 250mm x 30M High Temperature Heat Resistant Polyimide PCB tape, Insulating tape, Gold BGA Tape

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