2Mhz Dual Channel Dds Function Signal Generator Sine/square Wave Sweep Counter

2Mhz Dual Channel Dds Function Signal Generator Sine/square Wave Sweep Counter

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Product Description

2MHz Dual Channel DDS Function Signal Generator Sine/Square Wave Sweep Counter

Output signal frequency high accuracy, good stability;
Signal amplitude up to 20Vpp;
Instrument can realize the adjustment program of function parameters , easy to use;
Accompanying frequency meter, counter function, high cost;
The instrument can output sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse, staircase, DC voltage waveform;
Pulse wave pulse width precision can be adjustable.

1.The pulse width can be adjusted between 10nS-1S, the minimum step accuracy up 1nS.
2.Instrument bias level can be adjusted precise continuous between -10V to 10V, this function experiments in the field of sensors, signal simulator, teaching experiments are necessary conditions.
3.Can achieve linear and logarithmic sweep, the maximum sweep time of up to 999 seconds, sweep start frequency and stop frequency can be set arbitrarily.
4.Two channels can be synchronized, after tracing is enabled, CH2 channel frequency can be fully synchronized CH1 channel frequency, and phase adjustable Alternatively, you can flexibly set the amplitude or duty synchronous tracking as needed, and can also be set over several parameters simultaneously and synchronously.
5.The machine also has a fast storage, is press the [MENU] button, press the rotary switch, allowing you to complete the storage of all parameters within 1S,next open,all parameter information directly into your currently stored, and the instrument is also reserved for the user 20 groups of storage space, which will greatly facilitate the user\'s operability.

Technical Parameters:
Built-in switching power supply: AC85V-AC260V
Interface: USB
The maximum output signal voltage: 20V
Output Current: 80mA or less

Signal output:
Output amplitude: ≥10Vp-p (no load)
Output Impedance: 50Ω ± 10%
DC polarization: ± 3V
Frequency range: 0.01-2MHz

Count range: 0-4294967295
Measurement frequency range: 1Hz-60MHz
Input amplitude: 0.5Vp-p ~ 20Vp-p

Scan function:
Scanning mode: linear sweep, log sweep
Frequency Range: 0.01Hz ~ 2MHz
Frequency scanning range: M1 ~ M2 predetermined frequency
Scan rate: 1s ~ 99s / step

Storage and transferred functions: M0 ~ M9 (M0: default)
Size: 190x175x70mm
Beeper function: to set open or closed by the program
Operating characteristics: All key operation, continuous adjustment knob
Environmental conditions: Temperature 0 ~ 40 ℃ humidity

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