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2Pcs British Morel Morel Speaker Ew536 5 Inch & Phi; 3 -Inch Voice Coil 6 Euro Woofer #

2Pcs British Morel Morel Speaker Ew536 5 Inch & Phi; 3 -Inch Voice Coil 6 Euro Woofer #
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  • Model NumberDiy
  • Is_CustomizedYes
Product Description
Brands:morel Morel
model:E W 536
size:5 inch Φ3 inch voice coil
impedance:6 Europe

2PCS British morel Morel speaker EW536 5 inch & Phi; 3 -inch voice coil 6 euro Woofer #

2PCS British morel Morel speaker EW536 5 inch & Phi; 3 -inch voice coil 6 euro Woofer #

Founded in Morel1975Headquartered in Israel , is a few very renowned for their own design, processing, production of speakers suppliers , advanced audio products manufacturer, is also high performanceOEMManufacturer. Nearly three decades, Morel always produce high -quality speaker units for the purpose , in order to maintain a leading position in the speaker unit manufacturing and high-quality sound reproduction in the field as the goal, has been providing high-quality drive units for a number of brands in the world , have the ability to produce excellent quality across the board unit , the product has covered high-frequency , low frequency, intermediate frequency and ultra- low frequency unit , involving top-level fever ,Hi-FI, Home theater and car audio, with leading manufacturers in the industry in the high-fidelity speakers . Morel superb product% 2CModern design% 2CEstablish a good reputation among consumers , has been highly praised sound professional media , is considered by the standardized design and make the best of the top , but also in the world continue to win various prizes , he has twice won the United StatesCES "Annual Research Innovation Award"and"Reference monitor speakers Award"Wherein Morel Tweeter Supreme wonamex "Best Unit Award",OctaveStereo system andApplauseHome theater satellite systems were won2002Years and2000Year Innovation Award ;hybrid ovationCar stereo obtained2004yearCESInnovation Award......Morel , you never trusted product !

Morel30Years ago in an Israeli registration and establishment , the beginning, the company will put all the technical and financial speaker specializing in the production , we can say except Denmarkd within audioAddition , she is one of the world\'s production of high-end speaker manufacturers are currently the most complete , covers the automotive , home prices in high-end range of products .

Morel relies on the rapid development of the technical team , has a number of speakers to get the world\'s manufacturing technology patents, such as : cellular voice coil wire, an inner magnet magnetic mixing , air damping controller ,3Inch large voice coil , a magnetic coil cooling liquid cooling technology, application of these technologies significantly reduces acoustic resistance in the air , reduce distortion , making it more responsive . She was the first to use neodymium iron boron magnet manufacturers, this approach led car speaker volume becomes compact and easy to install.

MorelMorel from1995Establishment, that accepts Britain\'s leading car audio brandMACROMCommissioned flagship series speaker design , called a58.08Europe won the treble speaker packageECAPAwarded"Product of the Year Award"Not only caused a sensation in the industry , which is also impressed its fans fever exquisite design process .

MorelMorel product features both inside and out , are very particular about the scientific and technological content and artistic value , the latter shall be subject to quality inspection of the quality testing procedures excessive Road , to ensure that eachMorelMorel products can play a high standard of quality performance .MorelMorel speaker is not only that the chill equipment , contains more of a cultural atmosphere and sound aesthetics , R & D engineers are also extremely small part of devotion ,MorelMorel claimed:"Manufacturing technology of our invention has been recognized in the industry , each employee trying to play good\'Acoustic transmitters\'Role."

The new inner magnet design28 mothers ( 1 1/8 )Silk dome tweeter with a wide frequency range , smooth and stable and precise interpretation of stereo positioning. The new tweeter has four different mounting accessories, makes installation more flexible. Woofer uses a unique new high- strength magnetic powder , can increase the magnetic flux, more power . At the same time , its volume is reduced than the magnetic powder35%. Bass cone crafted to ensure that in the low frequency voice coil remains linear motion , you can eliminate the voice coil deformation , can enhance low-frequency dynamics.
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