3M 425 Aluminum Foil Single Sidedtape/thermally Conductive Tape/flame Resistant Tape/heat And Light Reflective Tape

3M 425 Aluminum Foil Single Sidedtape/thermally Conductive Tape/flame Resistant Tape/heat And Light Reflective Tape

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Product Details

  • Place Of OriginGuangdong China (Mainland)
  • TypeRoll
  • Brand Name3M
  • TreatmentCoated
  • UseInsulation Material
  • Thickness0.12
  • Alloy3M
  • TemperHard
  • Model Number425

Product Description

Benefits include:
1.High thermal conductivity to maximize efficiency of heating or cooling
2.High heat reflectivity to protect temperature-sensitive materials against heat damage and hot spots
3.Protect parts from flame damage
4.Seal and protect sensitive surfaces from dust and moisture
5.Resist UV degradation for long-term performance

1.Thermally conductive
2.Moisture and solvent resistant
3.Heat and light reflective
4.Flame resistant
5.Outdoor weathering and UV resistant

Application Ideas:
1.Aircraft paint stripping maskant.
2.Moisture barrier in “white goods” appliances.
3.General purpose heat reflector and heat dissipator.
4.Mechanically hold wires and cooling coils in “white goods” appliances.
5.Repair tears on truck trailers and aircraft.
6.Splicing of thin gauge foils.
7.General purpose holding, patching, sealing applications – indoors and out.

Our company provides 3M products below:

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1.3M VHB tape: Item number: 4905,4910,4914,4920,4930,4941,4945,4949,4956 and so on.
2.3M PE foam tape:4004,4008,4026,4032,4052,4056,4462,4466,4965, 3M4212,4215,4229P,4218P and so on.
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4. Electrical tape: 3M1350,1318,74,56,33+,1500,1600 and do on.
5. Soctch, tape: 3M600,810,610 and so on.
3M Glue
1.Glue: 3MCA40,CA40H;
2.DP series Glue: DP100,DP110,DP125,DP190,DP420,DP460,DP8005…..
3. Spray glue: 3M77,75,74,80.90 and so on.
4. Hot melt: 3M 3764,3748,3779,615,580;and so on.
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3M Bumpon and Daul lock tape
SJ5302 SJ5303 SJ5306 SJ5012 SJ5312 SJ5514 SJ5023 SJ5808 SJ5816 SJ5832 SJ3526 SJ3527 SJ3571 SJ3572 SJ3540 SJ3541 SJ3542 SJ3550 SJ3551 SJ3552Our Service:
1. Your inquiry related to our products or price will be replied within 12 hours.
2. Well-trained and experienced staff to answer all your inquiry.
3. We can die cut or design the goods according to your requirement.

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