400V 100Uf 100Uf 400V 400V 100 100Uf 400 18*32Mm Dip2 Electrolytic Capacitor Diverse Volume China (Mainland)Place Of Production

400V 100Uf 100Uf 400V 400V 100 100Uf 400 18*32Mm Dip2 Electrolytic Capacitor Diverse Volume China (Mainland)Place Of Production

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Product Details

  • Rated VoltageOriginal Standard
  • CapacitanceOriginal Standard
  • ApplicationGeneral Purpose
  • StructureFixed Capacitor
  • Package TypeThrough Hole
  • TypeAluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
  • Operating TemperatureOriginal Standard
  • Brand NameSemiconductor Manufacturers

Product Description

HuiCheng electronic Limited company The Company- received supporting operations as follows: Tips : Our absolute price advantage, because a wide variety, and it has been adding new varieties , it is not exhaustive , please have your purchase , if you want to purchase multiple items , you can make a list , column name, and good quantity, I will give you a price calculation . After verification , the link to do another take , so do not take a piece of the payments , but also easy for me. Because We sold the goods are complex parameters and packaging differences , all the No contact directly photographed payment shall not be shipped to follow up ! Hereby Tip ! ! Tips ( Please be sure to read carefully before shot ) : 1 , be sure to brand your desired product , suffixes , and package pin down with us to confirm first ! 2 , due to the rapid consumption of electronic components in circulation , or the owner of a busy forget the shelf product is out of stock , so please ask before the shoot whether the goods . 3, the baby mostly taken in kind, but there will be some differences in the presence of . Due to different years of origin and production of electronic components and batches of its own code and font color printing , etc. are likely to differ , physical and picture batch may be inconsistent, but does not affect use. 4, on the shipping standards, in accordance with the actual situation to decide, before you take the goods , please contact us in order to determine shipping After determining locations. 5 About Service Welding , welding time directly affects the quality of the chip -chip , chip will generate improper welding Fatal injuries , is to confirm whether the chip itself, there must be a problem on the machine under absolutely no circumstances we can only carry out testing and certification , the chip is too much uncertainty exists machine factors for Avoid unnecessary disputes hurt the feelings of both waste your time , we have not only the appearance of the machine and there is no damage to the products provide return service ; addition we offer refunds or exchanges for a period of shipment 15 days from the date on the machine, the appearance of damage , the customer\'s own mistakes inherent in the selection , use and understand discovered after buying more than the prescribed period , regardless of whether there is a problem all the chip is not returned Fan The circumference, in order to ensure your interests , please read this carefully considered the transactions already know this . Inconvenience, please understand ! 6 on goods Acceptance must be in front of the courier acceptance of goods salesman , have questions, please contact us on the spot , after receiving only reflect the problems , we are determined not to give treatment, please note ! ! Another through my shop is small Camp, need to quickly return the funds , but also ask you to confirm receipt promptly after receiving the Internet . 7 on evaluation Grow shop without your care and support, you certainly are our motivation , such as quality and service to our satisfaction , please try to give full 5 points praise evaluation, we thank you for your tripod to play from the heart Force support , are not satisfied , please contact us, good communication can avoid misunderstanding , we will make every effort to help you solve your doubts, do not communicate directly to the bad rating our customers will be treated as customers choose to give their views of services. Transistor : SOT-523, SOT-323, SOT-23, SOT-153, SOT-353, SOT-163, SOT-363, SOD-523, SOD-323, SOD-123, SOT-89, SOT-223, SOT-252, SOT-263, TO-92, TO-92S, TO-92, TO-126, TO-220 package series of medium and small power transistor . Diode : 1/2W, 1W, 2W, 5W whole series regulator , 1N4148 switching diodes , 1N60 detector diode , DB3 trigger diode , rectifier series , Schottky series. IC IC: power module , TV IC, audio IC, DVD players IC, VCR IC, computer IC, flower IC, communication IC, camera IC, remote control IC, alarm IC, doorbell IC, flash IC, music IC, temperature control IC, watches IC, electric toys, IC, other integrated circuits. Direct Capacitor : ceramic capacitors, high voltage capacitors, polyester capacitors , electrolytic capacitors, tantalum electrolytic capacitor , CBB capacitors. Chip Capacitors : 0201,0402,0603,0805,1206,1808,1812,2220 other packages . Tantalum : 0603 (1608), P (2012), A (3216), B (3528), C (6032), D (7343), E (7343D) model package. Line Resistor : 1/8W, 1/6W, 1/4W, 1/2W, 1W, 2W, 3W, 5W , such as in-line resistor. ( Fixed resistors, variable resistors, thermistors , varistors , fuse resistors , discharge resistors ) SMD resistor : 0201,0402,0603,0805,1206,1812,2010,2512 , and other package resistance Provide ancillary services to manufacturers of electronic components Supporting the delivery Direct selling quality first sincerity supreme

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