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4Pcs 30A Esc 2-4S Lipo Brushless 30A Esc With 5V / 2A Bec For S500 X500 Quadcopter Safe Poweron Function Program Setting Items

4Pcs 30A Esc 2-4S Lipo Brushless 30A Esc With 5V / 2A Bec For S500 X500 Quadcopter Safe Poweron Function Program Setting Items
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Product Details
  • Brand NameMezojaoie
  • Material\
  • Size\
  • Model NumberSpeed Controller
  • For Vehicle TypeAirplanes
  • Tool SuppliesSpeed Controller
  • Remote Control Peripherals/DevicesEsc
  • UseVehicles & Remote Control Toys
  • Upgrade Parts/AccessoriesSpeed Controller
  • Four-Wheel Drive AttributesMotors
  • Rc Parts & AccsSpeed Controller
  • Number Of Batteries:2-4
  • Weight(Approx.):45*24*11
Product Description
4PCS 30A ESC 2-4S Lipo Brushless 30A ESC With 5V / 2A BEC For S500 X500 Quadcopter
Bullet Points:
1、New Series: 30A ESC designed in professional programming software for 300-400 grade RC airplane quadcopter multirotor helicopter/ fixed wing airplane.
2、Well Protection: Adopted extremely low internal resistance to safety thermal over-load protection, power arming protection (prevents the motor from accidentally running when switched ON) and auto throttle shut down in signal lose situation.
3、Data Details: This programmable 30A ESC with 5A/2A BEC output, supports continuous current 30A, Burst current(10s): 40A, 5-12NC/2-4S Lipo supported.
4、Light Weight: The weight of esc is 27g, Size(LxWxH): 43x25x8mm, more lighter for your airplane. Warm notice: this 30A ESC comes without connectors.
5、Friendly Customer Service: If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help you.

1. Safe poweron function: When the power is turned on, the motor will not start immediately regardless of the throttle stick in any position to avoid personal injury;
2. Throttle stroke calibration function: adapt to the difference of throttle stroke of different remote control, improve the linearity of throttle response, with smooth, delicate speed control feel and first-class speed regulation linearity;
3. Program setting items:Battery type: Li-xx (lithium battery) / Ni-xx (nickel cadmium or nickel hydride), the default value is Li-xx (lithium battery).
Low voltage protection mode: Reduce power / turn off the output, the default is to reduce power.
Low voltage protection threshold: low / medium / high, the default is the medium cutoff voltage.
When the Li-xx battery is set, the number of lithium batteries is automatically determined. The cutoff voltage of each battery in the case of low/medium/high is: 2.6V, 2.85V, 3.1V.
When the Ni-xx battery is set, the voltage of the battery pack is automatically detected when the ESC is powered on. The low/medium/high voltage cutoff voltage is 0%, 45%, 60% of the input voltage at startup (0% means Do not do low voltage protection)
Start mode: normal / soft / super soft start, the default is normal start.
Normal start for fixed wings, can quickly start the motor in 0.2 seconds
The soft start/super soft start is suitable for helicopters; the initial speeds for soft start and super soft start are relatively low, 1 second and 2 seconds respectively from start to full speed, but if the throttle is closed after start, it will start again within 3 seconds. They are all started in the normal mode, so as not to cause a crash when the stunt action is too slow.
Advance angle: low / medium / high, the default value is the middle angle.
In general, the low angle of advance can accommodate more motors, but to improve efficiency, it is recommended to use a low-inclination angle for a 2-pole motor and a medium-forward angle for a motor with more than 6 poles. To increase the speed, the advance angle can be set to a high advance angle. After improving the corner setting, you should test it on the ground before flying.

Process features:
1 The power input terminal adopts ultra-low impedance large-capacity electrolytic capacitor, which greatly improves the anti-interference ability;
2 The output MOSFET power tube is equipped with an independent heat sink to reduce the temperature rise of the device and improve the system's high current working capacity;
3 Using single-chip control;
4 The single-chip microcomputer adopts an independent voltage-stabilizing chip to avoid power supply interference caused by BEC load change and improve the working stability of the single-chip microcomputer;

Extreme use:
Continuous current 30A, instant 35A, 40A for 10 seconds.
Dimensions / weight(Approx.):45*24*11(mm), 25g (including line)Voltage range: 4V-16V
Number of batteries: 2-4Lipo (4Lipo does not allow BEC output)
BEC output:2A continuous, (instantaneous 3A)
2LIPO 4-5 Miniature steering engine
3LIPO 3-4 Mini steering engine

Protective function:
Automatically select 2-3LIPO, the protection voltage is 6V/9V respectively;
Automatically select NIMH, the protection voltage of each section is 0.8V;
Safe start, not allowed to start when the throttle position is incorrect;
Temperature protection, 110 degree surface temperature shutdown;
Out of control protection, stops after 1 second when there is no signal.

Performance description:
The upper limit of the speed is 210,000 rpm in 2 poles, 35,000 rpm in 12 poles, and 42,000 rpm in 14 poles.
8KHz PWM control with speed control curve.
Automatic throttle adaptation for more remote control devices.
With BEC, the MCU separate power supply and works more stably.

Setting method:
1. Turn on the transmitter and push the throttle to the highest (FUTABA series transmitters need to use the throttle channel to select REV).
2. Connect the receiver and motor.
3. Turn on the ESC power supply. If the transmitter is normal, the following sounds are available: (If the sound is a long "beep" sound after the end of the sound, there is no more sound, then check the transmitter throttle channel reverse setting.)
B B stands for LIPO automatic protection
BB BB stands for NIMH /NICD automatic protection
BBB BBB stands for brake selection

Package list:
4x 30A ESC
4Pcs 30A Esc 2-4S Lipo Brushless 30A Esc With 5V / 2A Bec For S500 X500 Quadcopter Safe Poweron Function Program Setting Items

4Pcs 30A Esc 2-4S Lipo Brushless 30A Esc With 5V / 2A Bec For S500 X500 Quadcopter Safe Poweron Function Program Setting Items

4Pcs 30A Esc 2-4S Lipo Brushless 30A Esc With 5V / 2A Bec For S500 X500 Quadcopter Safe Poweron Function Program Setting Items

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