5(65)A 120V 60Hz Display Voltage Current Positive Reverse Active Reactive Power Single Phase Din Rail Kwh Watt Hour Energy Meter

5(65)A 120V 60Hz Display Voltage Current Positive Reverse Active Reactive Power Single Phase Din Rail Kwh Watt Hour Energy Meter

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Product Details

  • Is_CustomizedYes
  • Brand NameHiking
  • Model NumberDds-238-2 Sw
  • Mount35Mm Din Rail
  • Current5(65)A
  • Starting Working Current20Ma
  • Rated Voltage120V 60Hz
  • Is_CustomizedYes
  • RelatedDisplay Voltage, Mm Din Rail

Product Description

Welcom to Arlen&Alice
Welcom to Arlen&Alice Welcom to Arlen&Alice
Function: 1. Bule backlight 2. Show real voltage V 3. Show real current A 4. Show active power W 5. Show reactive power Var 6. Show power Factory COS 7. Show real Frequency Hz 8. Show Total Energy KWh (can\'t reset to zero) 9. Show Positive KWh (can\'t reset to zero) 10. Show reverse KWh (can\'t reset to zero) 11. Rest Energy KWh ( Can rest to zero) The energy meter is suitble for Solar system, The meter can display Positive KWh and reverse KWh.
DDS238-2 SW type singe phase din rail kwh meter is designed to measure single phase two wire AC active energy and variable parameter. All of its functions comply with the relative technical requirement for class 1 single phase watt hour meter in IEC61036. It is a long life meter with the advantage of high stability , high over load capability , low power loss and small volume . Basic Function LCD display with backlight Bi-directional total active energy ,reverse active energy measure in the total active energy The meter also display real voltage , real current , real power , real power factor , real frequency Pulse LED indicates working of meter .Pulse output with optical coupling isolation 35mm din rail installation Optional Function the meter can measure and display the total forward/reverse active energy reset energy function (the reset energy kWh display is dependent with the total energy display, this reset will not affect the total energy ) Please noted: This link only for 120V 60HZ. We will ship out 120V 60HZ only, if you palce the order on this link. If you need 230V 50HZ or 120V 60HZ. Please place the order below. Technical Data Rate voltage 120V 60HZ Working voltage range 0.8-1.2Un Rate Current 5(65)A Works from 20mA to 65A Frequency 60Hz Connection mode Direct type Display LCD Accuracy class 1.0 Power consumption

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