50G/bottle Diamond Polishing Lapping Paste Compound Syringes 0.5 ~40 Micron Glass Metal Grinding Polishing Abrasive Tools

50G/bottle Diamond Polishing Lapping Paste Compound Syringes 0.5 ~40 Micron Glass Metal Grinding Polishing Abrasive Tools
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  • UsageMetal Glass Stone Moulds Etc
  • MaterialDiamond Paste
  • Diy SuppliesMetalworking

Product Description

Diamond Abrasive Paste Needle Tube Grinding Polishing Paste Lapping Compound W0.5-W28 Pls kindly noted there are 10 type differentcoarse and fine fractions optional . Before your order, pls make remark of the code you need or we will send it randomly!!!Thanks a lot !!! Feature: oil solubility Weight:50g/pcs Package:1pc Suitable for jade, clocks and watches, lighters, jewelry, metal, jewelry, such as high precision polishing. In light of different roughness of the surface of the workpiece, the use of different polishing paste particle number W0.5 is the finest . W40 is the most thick from coarse to fine respectively can be used for grinding, fine grinding, polishing, fine buffing, finally can be a mirror effect. Model selection method: (1) W0.5, W1, W1.5, W2.5, W3.5 These five models are very fine, suitable for smooth surface jade, jadeite, metal mirror finish. Normal jade, jade, bracelets and other items can only be achieved with the W3.5 mirror effect, if you continue to use W1.5 fine polishing, the mirror will be completely reached; normal tool Carbide and other metal smooth surface polished with W2.5, Can achieve close to the mirror effect, if combined with W1 fine throw, then completely achieve the mirror effect. (2) W5, W7, W10, relatively small, glass polishing choice W5, ceramic W7. These 3 models are also suitable for less smooth jade, jade, rough surface of the metal. (3) W14, W20, W28 these three models are relatively rough, suitable for jade, jade, rough metal surface grinding. (4) W40 the most thick, containing diamond oil! Mainly used for carbide parts such as valves, valves, gear grinding. Instructions: The first step: with a blade or bamboo sticks and other artifacts, take a little diamond plaster to be polished jade surface The second step: with wool round, wool head or block repeated grinding, and observe the surface finish until satisfied
W28#600 rough polishing
W20#800 Ordinary polishing W14#1200 Ordinary polishing
W10#2000 Ordinary polishing
W7#300 Fine polishing
W5#4500 Fine polishing
W3.5#6000 Fine polishing
W2.5#10000 Fine polishing
W1.5# 13000 mirror polishing
W1.0# 18000 mirror polishing
W0.5#30000 mirror polishing
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