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5PCS XRIKO proximity switch/ROKO metal sensor switch SN04-P SN04-N SN04-N2 SN04-P2 SN04-D1,

5PCS XRIKO proximity switch/ROKO metal sensor switch SN04-P SN04-N SN04-N2 SN04-P2 SN04-D1,
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Product Details
  • Brand NameXin Nuo Qi
  • MaterialMixture
  • Model NumberSn04-N2
  • Output Model CategorySwitch Sensor
  • Principle CategoryMagnetic Sensors
  • MaterialMixture
Product Description
Model:SN04-N Appearance:Square-angle Size: 18 * 18 * 36 (mm) Output: NPNDC three-wire normally open Detection distance:5mm Power supply voltage:10-30VDC Output Current:300mA Can detect objects:Metal body Case Material: Plastic(Blue) We can supply SN04-N SN04-N2 SN04-P SN04-P2.Our default is SN04-N ,if you need SN04-N2 SN04-P SN04-P2,please let me know.Proximity switch definition: Inductive proximity switches from the high-frequency oscillations, detection, amplification, trigger, and output circuitThe oscillator at the detector generates an alternating magnetic field when a metal object near the testing side, the eddy current generated in the metal absorbs the energy of the oscillator, to weaken to stop vibration. Oscillation of the oscillator stops oscillating these two states and is converted into an electrical signal by the detector, amplified trigger output circuit.   Please counterparts weight     Detection distance Sn [mm] Detection distance 5MM DC Three wire-type non-submerged   NPN Normally open  SN04-N    NPN NC   SN04-N2 DC Three wire-type buried   PNP Normally open  SN04-P    PNP NC SN04-P2 Operating voltage UB[V] 10-30VDC Continuous current IL[MA] 300MA Switching frequency [HZ] 500 Short circuit protection No Polarity protection Have Protection class Ip65 Output indicator LED red Operating temperature [] -25 ... +70 Connection 1m, PVC cable Packing List Installed by the package insert screws Normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) difference:
Normally open (NO) is the normal state of the signal output line is disconnected and no signal is output, when the object is closed when the sensor output signal.
Normally closed (NC) is the normal state of the signal output line is closed, a continuous signal output to the object only when the sensor is disconnected, off signal.
Two types of proximity switch according to actual needs.  Three wire wiring connection:
Dumplings color is connected to the positive power supply is connected to the supply blue negative, black is connected to the load (output). Look at the baby on the specific wiring diagram.

Two wire connection method (DC or AC):
Brown the negative cable to connect the load, the load line and then connect the positive power of positive, blue negative direct connection to the power supply.

Specific connection refer to the wiring diagram on the switch plate to wiring,Do not pick the wrong polarity  Electrical connection
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