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5V Time Delay Relay Module

5V Time Delay Relay Module
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Product Details
  • Protect FeatureSealed
  • SizeMiniature
  • UsageGeneral Purpose
  • Contact LoadLow Power
  • TheoryTime Relay
Product Description
About feedback: About feedback: if you are not satisfied with Received product,Please contact us for the first time and solve together,thanks product description Does not provide technical support,If you can use, please purchase, thank you. Size: 6.8 CM * 2.1 CM
the main chip: NE555
working voltage: dc 5 v
1, the relay time delay and power supply is connected.
2, the delay time is adjustable, (0 ~ 10 seconds)
4, add potentiometer can increase the delay time
5, capacitor C1 can increase latency time
6, with input power light
7, a relay and indicator lamp
8, can control the ac 220 v / 10 a device. (maximum control equipment 2000 w)
9, stream with relay protection.
10, the delay time formula: T = 1.1 RC. For example: 100 uf capacitance resistance 100 k T = 1.1 * 100000 * 0.0001 = 11 seconds
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