A-Bf Gs60D 60W Electric Soldering Iron+Kit-B

A-Bf Gs60D 60W Electric Soldering Iron+Kit-B

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Product Details

  • Output PowerAs Description
  • Temperature StabilityAs Description
  • Output Temperature50 ° C - 480 ° C
  • Input Voltagle220V
  • DimensionsAs Description
  • Model NumberGs60D
  • Brand NameA-Bf

Product Description

1 small volume, double button design, powerful
2 back to the temperature at 350 degrees, just 8 seconds
3 high quality heating element, platinum temperature sensitive super
4 two display temperature (degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit)
5 microcomputer temperature compensation value, the temperature error of plus or minus 5 degrees Celsius
6 power line with high temperature resistance, soft material, high insulation resistance
7 LCD display, temperature stick out a mile
8 handle imported special materials, high temperature resistance, strong

Method of use
The A. connection
1 switch on the power, remember to ground
2 open the welding table
B. temperature setting
The 1 heating
After startup, operation, such as the temperature can not reach the ideal heat, can press the yellow button, press once, said increased once, long press the yellow button, temperature will rise rapidly, can freely control
2 minus temperature
After startup, such as temperature is too high, is not conducive to the role, according to the black keys, press once said to reduce once, long press the black button, automatically rapid decline, can freely control
C. temperature model
Press the yellow button while not electrifying, and insert the power, degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit will conversion, temperature before the mode transition temperature value is automatically stored in the memory chip, the next convenient temperature after mode switching frequent adjustment process.
D. complement

This link only for 220V only ,please make notice 1. Features:
Small volume but powerful functions,double keys design
Recover temperature fast,just 8 seconds to reach 350 ºC
High quality heating element,high grade temperature sensitivity
Two kinds of temperature display model. (Degrees ºC ,Fahrenheit ºF )
Complement value of temperature through microcomputer. Error margin less than +/-5 ºC
High-temperature resistant,high insulation,soft-touch power cable.
LCD display. temperature display is clear at a glance.
High grade special materials,with high-temperature resistant and strong anti static.

2. Parameters:
Temperature range
50—480 ºC
Welding nozzle earth impedance

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