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Aidetek Smd 0603 Engineering Sample Capacitor Kit 100 Values X 50Pcs In Box-All Npo 10Uf Plastic Part Box C0650

Aidetek Smd 0603 Engineering Sample Capacitor Kit 100 Values X 50Pcs In Box-All Npo 10Uf Plastic Part Box C0650
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Product Details
  • TypeBox
  • Model NumberC0650
  • Brand NameAidetek
  • Is_CustomizedYes
  • MaterialPlastic
  • Size24*15*5
Product Description
100 values SMD SMT 0603 size 50PC/Value Sample Engineering Capacitor Kit distributed in patented BOX-ALL Enclosure.
Total 5000 pcs of NPO, Y5V, X7R SMD capacitor from 0.5pF to 10UF (RoHS compliance).
The 0603 Surface Mount Capacitor kit contains 99 values of 0603 size capacitors ranging from 0.5pF to 10UF made by YAGEO, all SMD/SMT capacitors are new and fully tested. The are all distributed in patented BOX-ALL Enclosure. There are total 144 compartments, 100 compartments with individual lid and label, the value of each resistor is printed on each label.
BOX-ALL outside size: 22.4cm (8.7") x 14.5 cm (5.7") x 3.8 cm (1.5")
Each compartment measures 0.72" (h) x 0.657" (W) x 0.4"(d) or 18.3mm (h) x 16.7mm (W) x 10.2mm (d), can hold up to 300pcs of 1206 size resistors/capacitors.
100 values 0603 size capacitor kit value list:
Capacitance Dielectric Tolerance Voltage (V) 0.5pF NPO ±0.25pF 50V 1.0pF NPO ±0.25pF 50V 1.2pF NPO ±0.25pF 50V 1.5pF NPO ±0.25pF 50V 1.8pF NPO ±0.25pF 50V 2.0pF NPO ±0.25pF 50V 2.2pF NPO ±0.25pF 50V 2.7pF NPO ±0.25pF 50V 3.0pF NPO ±0.25pF 50V 3.3pF NPO ±0.25pF 50V 3.9pF NPO ±0.25pF 50V 4.7pF NPO ±0.25pF 50V 5.0pF NPO ±0.5pF 50V 5.6pF NPO ±0.5pF 50V 6.8pF NPO ±0.5pF 50V 8.2pF NPO ±0.5pF 50V 10pF NPO ±5% 50V 12pF NPO ±5% 50V 15pF NPO ±5% 50V 18pF NPO ±5% 50V 22pF NPO ±5% 50V 27pF NPO ±5% 50V 33pF NPO ±5% 50V 39pF NPO ±5% 50V 47pF NPO ±5% 50V 51pF NPO ±5% 50V 56pF NPO ±5% 50V 68pF NPO ±5% 50V 82pF NPO ±5% 50V 100pF NPO ±5% 50V 150pF NPO ±5% 50V 180pF NPO ±5% 50V 220pF NPO ±5% 50V 270pF NPO ±5% 50V 330pF NPO ±5% 50V 390pF NPO ±5% 50V 470pF NPO ±5% 50V 560pF NPO ±5% 50V 680pF NPO ±5% 50V 820pF NPO ±5% 50V 1000pF NPO ±5% 25V 1200pF NPO ±5% 25V 220pF X7R ±10% 50V 270pF X7R ±10% 50V 330pF X7R ±10% 50V 390pF X7R ±10% 50V 470pF X7R ±10% 50V 560pF X7R ±10% 50V 680pF X7R ±10% 50V 820pF X7R ±10% 50V 1000pF X7R ±10% 50V 1200pF X7R ±10% 50V 1500pF X7R ±10% 50V 1800pF X7R ±10% 50V 2200pF X7R ±10% 50V 2700pF X7R ±10% 50V 3300pF X7R ±10% 50V 3900pF X7R ±10% 50V 4700pF X7R ±10% 50V 5600pF X7R ±10% 50V 6800pF X7R ±10% 50V 8200pF X7R ±10% 50V 0.01mF X7R ±10% 50V 0.012mF X7R ±10% 50V 0.015mF X7R ±10% 50V 0.018mF X7R ±10% 50V 0.022mF X7R ±10% 50V 0.027mF X7R ±10% 50V 0.033mF X7R ±10% 50V 0.039mF X7R ±10% 50V 0.047mF X7R ±10% 25V 0.056mF X7R ±10% 25V 0.068mF X7R ±10% 25V 0.082mF X7R ±10% 25V 0.10mF X7R ±10% 25V 0.15mF X7R ±10% 25V 0.22mF X7R ±10% 25V 0.47mF X7R ±10% 16V 1.0mF X7R ±10% 10V 0.01mF Y5V +80%/-20% 50V 0.012mF Y5V +80%/-20% 25V 0.015mF Y5V +80%/-20% 25V 0.018mF Y5V +80%/-20% 25V 0.022mF Y5V +80%/-20% 25V 0.027mF Y5V +80%/-20% 25V 0.033mF Y5V +80%/-20% 25V 0.039mF Y5V +80%/-20% 25V 0.047mF Y5V +80%/-20% 25V 0.056mF Y5V +80%/-20% 25V 0.068mF Y5V +80%/-20% 25V 0.082mF Y5V +80%/-20% 25V 0.1mF Y5V +80%/-20% 50V 0.15mF Y5V +80%/-20% 25V 0.22mF Y5V +80%/-20% 25V 0.33mF Y5V +80%/-20% 25V 0.47mF Y5V +80%/-20% 25V 1.0mF Y5V +80%/-20% 10V 2.2mF Y5V +80%/-20% 10V 10mF Y5V +80%/-20% 10V Shipping and Return Policy:
All orders will ship from our China warehouse by air mail with track number, it takes around 9-16 business days to arrive, some countries may take longer, the registered air mail number will e-mail to you, contact us at (408) 329-7985 if you want fast shipping, you can pay extra $25-$45 for fast shipment, we offer 14 days return policy, please contact us for any warranty issue, thank you.
USA order will ship from our USA warehouse by usps priority mail 3-4 business days.
Europe customer: Shipping from our UK warehouse, UK customer can get 3-5 days service and other Europe customer get 4-9 days days service with no duty tax.
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