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Atf Gold Box With Sl3 +J-Tag Activated For Nokia Lumia Modles

Atf Gold Box With Sl3 +J-Tag Activated For Nokia Lumia Modles
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  • Model NumberAtf Gold Box
Product Description
ATF Gold Box with Sl3 +J-tag activated for nokia Lumia modles

ATF Team launched a very special limited edition 5-Year Anniversary ATF GOLD BOX.
ATF GOLD BOX Unique Visual Features:

High quality gold-plated aluminum case (fingerprint proof)
Double-coated white front and back panels (stain proof)
Limited Edition white metallic sticker label
ATF GOLD BOX Special Activations Included:

39 ATF JTAG Credits : ATF JTAG Activation
49 ATF Network Credits : ATF Network Activatioin
ATF GOLD BOX Features:

It\'s GOLD
USB 2.0 HS 480mbps
Fastest JTAG read/write speed for Qualcomm CPUs (30 MHz)
Built-in VBATT power supply for powering phones during JTAG procedures (4.20V on RJ-45 PIN 1)
Fastest eMMC read/write speed for any CPU for 1-BIT @ SDR 15 MHz
Built-in eMMC single power supply (3.00V on RJ-45 PIN 2)
First in the WORLD eMMC pinout finder for supported CPUs
Built-in micro SD card slot for:
Multi-lingual SD password brute force (ATF is still the ONLY box which can do this)
SD card "Force Format"
Samsung SDC unbrick creator using official Samsung TAR.MD5 BL flash files
SD card low level read/write (Operating System bypass)
SPI ISP chip programming with built-in power supply
Fastest Nokia FBUS flasher
Additional Features:

ATF Professional eMMC Tool 3.0 (APeT 3.0)
Permanently removes WP bit on all Samsung brand eMMC (first in the world):
Fixes "Unable to find a bootable option" on Nokia / Microsoft Lumia phones (WITHOUT IMEI AND SIMLOCK DATA LOSS)
Fixes "eMMC is read only, you cannot update your System" on Huawei phones (WITHOUT IMEI AND SIMLOCK DATA LOSS)
Field firmware update on selected Samsung brand eMMC:
Fully repairs eMMC firmware bugs such as:
No name eMMC "000000" bug
Read/Write disabled bug
eMMC firmware Erased/Corrupted bug
Currently supported Samsung eMMC models for Field Firmware Update (FFU):
DO NOT cross flash wrong eMMC model with non-matching part numbers!
This would kill your eMMC 100% and it will become useless and dead.
NAME PART NUMBER Can be found on...
L5U00M KML5U000HM-B505 GT-i8262
M4G1FB KLM4G1FE3B-B001 ZTE U970 / N970 / V970 / U930...
M8G1WA KLM8G1WE4A-A001 GT-i9082, GT-i9082L
MAG4FB KLMAG4FE4B-B002 GT-i747, GT-i747m, GT-i9305, GT-P6800, SCH-i935v, SCH-i535, SGH-T999, SCH-R530, SCH-R530c
SJS00M KMSJS000KM-B308 GT-S5302, GT-S7500, GT-S6500D, Huawei G300...
VTU00M KMVTU000LM-B503 GT-N7100, GT-i9300
VUS00A KMVUS000LA-B304 GT-N7100, GT-i9300
NAME PART NUMBER Can be found on...
K8U00M KMK8U000VM-B410 China Phones
NJS00M KMNJS000ZM-B205 Huawei G520-0000
Write official Samsung TAR.MD5 files via eMMC connection
Now you can Repair Boot of any new Samsung phone based on Qualcomm, Exynos, Broadcom, Marvell and Spreadtrum CPUs by just using official Samsung BL flash files.
Improved eMMC Test Point finder 1.5
Now supports newest Qualcomm APQ8084 phones (SM-N910F, N9109W, N910A, N915D, N9108V, N9100, G901F)
ATF Professional eMMC Tool 3.0 - no more waiting time for other JTAG/eMMC boxes to support your new Samsung phone.
Example: You should do the following with unsupported new phone for Boot Repair procedure:
Disassemble the phone and locate the eMMC pinout using ATF eMMC Test Point finder
Download official Samsung TAR.MD5 BL flash file or ALL-IN-ONE flash file from the Internet
Write this flash file via eMMC connection using ATF eMMC tool
Phone Boot is repaired!
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