Authentic Safflower Seed Trees Purple Leaf Peach Pink Seed Leaves Leaf Tau Seed Germination Rate 200G / Pack

Authentic Safflower Seed Trees Purple Leaf Peach Pink Seed Leaves Leaf Tau Seed Germination Rate 200G / Pack
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  • Full-Bloom PeriodSummer
  • Applicable ConstellationPisces
  • FlowerpotExcluded
  • FunctionBeautifying
  • ClassificationHappy Farm
  • UseOutdoor Plants
  • StylePerennial
  • ClimateSubtropics
  • LocationCourtyard
  • Model Number001
  • SizeMedium
  • Cultivating Difficulty DegreeRegular
  • Product TypeBonsai
  • TypeSeed
  • VarietySeed
  • Brand NameTop Seed
  • Sowing TimeMulti- Season
  • FloweringMulti- Season

Product Description

authentic safflower seed trees purple leaf peach pink seed leaves leaf Tau seed germination rate 200g / Pack

authentic safflower seed trees purple leaf peach pink seed leaves leaf Tau seed germination rate 200g / Pack

authentic safflower seed trees purple leaf peach pink seed leaves leaf Tau seed germination rate 200g / Pack

authentic safflower seed trees purple leaf peach pink seed leaves leaf Tau seed germination rate 200g / Pack

Purple leaf peach , also known as leaves Tau , purple leaf -Tau , a small deciduous tree , plant height 3-5 meters , gray-brown bark , twigs reddish-brown, leaf alternate , oval lanceolate , bright red leaves , flowers petals , pink ; drupe spherical , peel with short hair, flowering from March to April , the fruit from June to September mature ; purple leaf peach mainly used for greening projects, such as the district, the roads , the private garden aspect .

Landscaping With rising levels of hierarchy , to improve seedling quality requirements are also the future requirements for diversification colored seedlings , quality, personalized, purple leaf purple Tau its unique advantages , in landscaping , has been all over the landscaping company widely used , conventional nursery stock specifications as 4,5,6,7,8,9 cm purple leaf -Tau , green is very good .

Green seedlings field Shuyang good( Bureau of Parks recommended ) located in China large Huamuzhixiang - Shuyang Yanji Zhen , is selling one of the first major project the green unit Shuyang seedlings and breeding . Since its inception in 2004 , it has repeatedly been rated as \\" Shuyang Star Enterprise\\" , \\"the contract and keep credibility\\" , \\" flowers marketing major ,\\" the advanced unit. Operating seedlings more than 830 varieties , with annual sales of over 600 million, mainly sales promotion types are: trees, shrubs , sports plants, ornamental bamboo, color class , .
Over the years , Shandong , Hebei , Hubei , Hunan , Ningxia , Shaanxi , Shanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan , Heilongjiang , Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang , Gansu , Qinghai , Ningxia , Tibet, Guangdong, highways, railways, and medium-sized enterprises plant, medium and large college , high schools and cities , small urban streets , in the upscale residential area, villas , landscaping companies, nurseries, landscaped base and other customers provide a large number of high-quality green seedlings and seeds ! We are guided by \\" homegrown , puerile \\" business philosophy , the majority of new and old customers of the same trust and praise !


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