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[Bella] Platinum Resistance Pt100 / Pt100 Thin Film Resistors / Sheet Resistance / Original Original M222 A-Level --50Pcs/lot

[Bella] Platinum Resistance Pt100 / Pt100 Thin Film Resistors / Sheet Resistance / Original Original M222 A-Level --50Pcs/lot
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Product Details
  • ConditionNew
  • Package TypeThrought Hole
  • TechnologyCarbon Film
  • TypeVariable Resistor
Product Description
ORIGINAL(Heraeus) M222 series imported·-70 -500·100 or1000 EuropeDIN platinum resistance· 1/3 DIN,A levelClass B· Cheap BulkM Series is a large-scale use of thin-film components. These components withThere are specialSmall size, good long-term stability, high accuracy over a wide temperature range. UseIn the automotive industry, white goods,HVAC, food processing industry, the medical industry.
Nominal resistanceR0Implementation of the standardsOrder No.(Plastic Packaging)100 Europe0DIN EN60751 B grade32,208,548DIN EN60751 A level32,208,550DIN EN60751 1 / 3DIN32,208,7061000 Europe0DIN EN60751 A level

Technical Specifications:Temperature coefficient:TCR = 3850ppm / KTemperature Range:Class B: -70-500A level: -50-3001 / 3DIN: 0 --- 150 CWire: platinum-plated nickel wireSpecification:DIN EN 60751 (in lineIEC751)Dimensions: 2.3mm× 2.1mm × 0.9mm(Long× W× H)Line length 10mmLong-term stability:R0Drift less0.04%(500 ,After 1000 hours)Anti-vibration levels:At least 40g acceleration (10-2000Hz)Insulation resistance:>100M, 20 when>2M, 500 whenImpact rating:At least 100g acceleration (volatility8.5mS post)Since the heat transfer coefficient:0.4K /mW (0 when)Response time:Water0.4m / st0.5= 0.05St0.9= 0.15SAir2m / st0.5= 3.0St0.9= 10.0SEnvironmental conditions:Not only for dry environment protectionPackaging: Bulk1000Measuring current:PT1000.3 The maximum1.0 mAPT10000.10.3mA
[BELLA] Platinum resistance PT100 / PT100 thin film resistors / sheet resistance / ORIGINAL ORIGINAL M222 A-level --50pcs/lot

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