Can Be Customized Furniture Window Glass Film Glass Stickers Scrub Paper Glass Film Window Stickers Personality Dream World

Can Be Customized Furniture Window Glass Film Glass Stickers Scrub Paper Glass Film Window Stickers Personality Dream World

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Product Details

  • Brand NameChinese Dragon
  • TypeGlass Films
  • MaterialPvc
  • FunctionDecorative,explosion-Proof,heat Insulation
  • FeatureSelf-Adhesive
  • Surface TreatmentOpaque,stained
  • Model NumberChinese Dragon
  • Denominated UnitSet
  • SpecificationSingle-Piece Package

Product Description

Can be customized sticker window glass stickers sandpaper window tint paste personality dream world
With viscous Sunscreen insulation privacy explosion-proof crack Waterproof and oil
Thickening material household adornment, membrane electrostatic international standard, the environmental protection
The material of PVC
Environmental protection non-toxic Waterproof material On the back of the adhesive, high density grinding European classical garden design Electrostatic free glue can be removed
Size:65*100cm ,
Can also according to the size of your custom, according to the calculation of the price of every square metre, 30 dollars per square metre, please know, thank you

for computer effect drawing , finished product for transparent scrub effect
such as ( have customers don't like transparent scrub effect ,
can be directly to the shopkeeper contact , customize completely don't transparent effect , quotation )
Pour : this figure for reference only , color to prevail i !
we have the pictutes can tens provide customers to choose
with traditional window grilles film different is our pattern can by your optional ,
size can be by you put the htv-1 , at the same time you can also provide clear images to us making ,
we will provide the most high quality service !
Believe here you can find you want ! silently will service !

professional glass transparent film , beautify eveironment
book products with high precision machine , waterproof and sunscreen ,
colourful , artisticly , change is now product social first
main usage : kitchen cabinet glass sliding door , bedroom window glass ,
balcony glass , bathroom glass doors and windows translucidus invisible reach the people effect .
syncronisation adhesive , chariness need paste , remove won't stay glue glass ,
is at home decoration ideal , to buy province frosted glass the cost of !
default : measurement 65cmx100cm-one piece
silently decoration eastern simple beautiful , pattern optional ,
also can be ccps , picture color effect for buyers will ,
next day both the shippable !
small sticker out your heart , warm ,
make life , fun anytime anywhere infinite ! the shopman for color have several point :
1 . first can choose color and your room reconcile color unity .
if your room the whole tone is lengse ,
you can choose the blue and white and green the department of pattern ,
same bossangoa room warm tone , can choose red , orange , yellow and purple the department of pattern .
color freelies want to note and your room shenanigans .
so you post effect will be very harmonization .
2 . then can choose contrast scheme ,
Is to choose and your room the whole is the style of large in tibetto pattern color ,
note versus can size large , purity exorbitant .
you have any aspect problem can at the shopkeeper communication .

: trading
picture by factors influenced the , may be small small composite, ,
only for reference , baby to prevail i .
technology glass film : operation manual
( 1 ) glass surface cleaning clean , in clear glass surface with pressure type spray bottle ,
uniform of spray ( a thin film ) rinsible .
( 2 ) will be prepared 's pattern surface film with pattern ( the process best by 2 personal with the operating )
. note : with surface film separated pattern can not be anything pollution .
( 3 ) will and pellicle separated pattern flip , pattern to easily put in the sprayed glass .
( 4 ) adjust the good pattern on glass position , with a soft gloss tool smooth such as : ( weldwood )
pattern abaxially . in pattern by the central smoothly glass for water and air bubble extrusion ,
reoccupy cloth please water suction net , map abaxially stay moisture dry all the can .
( 5 ) transparent stickers be careful paste , if you deft ,
it is your preferentially choose , if you think paper paste is a pieces difficult ,
you see carefully paste 'll buy oh !
Can be customized furniture Window glass film glass stickers scrub paper glass film window stickers personality dream world

delivery is a problem oh , cheap baby also is not . think not cost effective . but no 's , we baby economic and practical , , absolute many-many worth to buy oh . small baby can not only own home decoration also can home decoration relatives , friend home , colleague home . . . . . . silently decoration can anytime anywhere decoration home , henceforth switch , kitchen , wall 'll more beautiful . of course , we want it is not . . . . . . !

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