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Chamomile extractRepair sensitive skin, adjust uneven skin tone, quickly soothe red skin. Gently replenish water and soothe skin

Chamomile extractRepair sensitive skin, adjust uneven skin tone, quickly soothe red skin. Gently replenish water and soothe skin
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Product Details
  • OriginCn (Origin)
  • IngredientPure Natural
  • Model Number#1
  • Net Wt100Ml
  • Item TypeShower Oil
  • Quality Guarantee Period2 Year
  • Usage MethodMassage, Facial Mask, Diy Chinese Medicine Soap
  • EffectSkin Whitening
  • Product CategoryCosmetic Raw Materials
Product Description
Name: Chamomile extract
Packaging: Bottling
Origin: China
Chamomile Extract
Light brown transparent liquid
[Explanation] Chamomile extract is extracted from the flowers of plants and contains Chamomile.
Active elements such as ring, furan aldehyde, flavonol, cellulose alcohol, mineral raw materials, amino acids, etc.
It is suitable for wound healing after acne extrusion. It has anti-fa effect on skin and promotes wound healing.
Combination, and can make congestion disappear can prevent skin sensitivity. Z-static and z-pain
It is more effective for sensitive and acne skin.
[recommended dosage] relieve anti allergy lotion: 3-6%; relieve anti acne gel or mask:
5-10%; cream: 3-6%.
[Prescription Introduction]
Chamomile Soft Condensation (for sensitive skin, eyes) - Primary
Chamomile extract 5m1
Cucumber extract 5m1
Orange Flower Dew 20m1
Chamomile Dew 20 M1
Advanced Deep Moisture Factor 5m1
Ice Crystal Forming Agent 1g
Making: Mix all liquids, stir evenly, and finally add ice crystal forming agent 1G. Stir
Mix for a while and wait for him to turn into condensation.
Function: Suitable for people with sensitive skin. It can be applied to the eyes.
Kaolin pore compact mask 1 - Advanced
Compact pores, double comfort, natural mineral mask of skin.
Niuer recommendation: stone mud, can smooth pore, avoid pore blockage, strengthen skin smoothness
Sliding and tightening effect, at the same time, it can improve the phenomenon of oily and easily reddish and gloomy skin, at the same time.
Adding aloe, green tea and chamomile extract can relieve skin redness and discomfort in a short time.
Applicable Skin Quality: Medium Oily Skin and Rough Pore Skin
Main components
Kaolin: Strengthen the absorption of pore oil and soothe the skin.
3M1 Aloe Vera Extract: Strengthen the skin soothing effect.
3 dishes of chamomile extract: enhance skin defense.
40M Hamamelis Pure Lotion: Conditioning Oily Skin
Pannl Green Tea Extraction: Antioxidant, Strengthen Skin Stability
3 dishes of vitamin E: Enhance the antioxidant effect of skin and prevent skin irritation.
LD Bergamot Essential Oil: Helps tone oily skin.
2D Geranium Essential Oil: Balance Skin Quality, Improve Skin Oil Abnormal Problem
Making: A. Kaolin, Aloe Vera Extract, Chamomile Extract, Hamamelis Pure Dew and Green Tea
The extract is fully mixed and stirred evenly (if it feels thick, add more water, if it has been added).
Many, finally can use paper film, these can be adjusted as you like.
B. Stir and add 3M vitamin E fat, Bergamot glycerin and Geranium essential oil.
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