Chinese Tea Appreciate Book Food Snacks Wine Book Chinese Culture Books (English And Chinese Editiion)

Chinese Tea Appreciate Book Food Snacks Wine Book Chinese Culture Books (English And Chinese Editiion)
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  • TypeBook
  • AudienceAdult
  • GenreEducation
  • Book NameChinese Tea Appreciate Book
  • LanguageChinese & English

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The appreciation of the Chinese tea (in Chinese and English set limit to platinum collection edition) "in both Chinese and English bilingual, with straightaway text, elegant beautiful picture about tea development, production, brew, extend to tea, tea culture connotation, teach you to easily learn to jian tea, tea, tea, is your collection, presents. China is the hometown of tea, tea is China\'s national drink. Chinese kind of tea, tea plucking, tea, tea, tea, and put the tea to home and abroad, tea has become China\'s most representative one of cultural symbol. Tea has a unique health care effect, is entertaining guests, enhance the friendship between.

Chapter 1 into the tea all men are mortal Shennong in the legend of tea "Tea" word of the origin and historical evolution China is the hometown of tea Tea from where The guest to tea is a traditional Chinese A pot of Chinese tea all over the world: tea in the world Tea-horse road Tea culture in the world Tea of fun With tea and wine of the story ChanMen case-solving: eat tea to Gradually and the grand sight tea theory" Tea growth conditions Four big tea area Tea production process picking Air green and wilting filming RouNian fermentation Ward and furnishing of drying press Tea classification method Six major tea class and reprocessing tea The choose and buy of tea Tea preservation method The evolution of the project PengCha method Special tea and formed "tea classics" Special tea health care efficacy Chapter 2 water such as tea of the mother, the father of the device such as tea Spring from the stone out the more cool The ancients found spring water evaluation Good water four standard Appropriate tea beautiful water Scientific cooking mingyuan Project MingQuan all together Grand tea set Tea tray caddy Conveniently bubble teapot tureen PinMingBei WenXiangBei Justice cup Filter and filter frame Tea towel Cup mat Cover buy ChaHe Water jar YangHuBi Puer tea needle Tea with six Tea pet Yixing dark-red enameled pottery for project with best Special tea utensils how to choose and buy Chapter 3 reward know taste tea, tea easily especially sweet The right tea etiquette Make tea etiquette Serve tea etiquette Tea etiquette Soaking method Green tea brew Oolong tea the brewing The brewing tea Black tea the brewing White tea the brewing Yellow tea brew The brewing tea Special herbal tea and modelling of scented tea Special different situations of make tea method Special residual having tea Special tea and the perfect combination of snacks Special day joy drink Chapter 4 geranium shoots, clean sex polyester dust Green tea - ancient brew like the wind The west lake longjing Bi luo chun Huangshan maofeng tea Peace monkey chief GuaPian luan Xinyang maojian tea Mengding dew Gold medal HuiMing Anji white tea Oolong tea - violet arenaceous seven bubble have lingering fragrance Anxi tieguanyin Frozen top uron Wuyi dahongpao tea Wuyi cinnamon Wuyi narcissus HuangJinGui The order of the phoenix fir single Alishan uron Series of bergamot Black tea, sweet high with a strong taste of its own Qiinen black tea lapsang DianGong tea Red fannings Mr Eyebrow Black tea, taste can entrance antique Pu-erh tea raw tea Pu-erh tea ripe tea Fort six tea Their brick tea We black tea TuoCha Yoann Tibetan tea White tea -- beiyuan spirit bud all fine Baekho silver needle White peony GongMei New process white tea Yellow tea - gold to inset jades color dust heart to JunShan silver needle Huoshan yellow bud Guangdong experiments of big Mengding yellow bud cented tea - to smell flowers, tea rhyme Jasmine tea Rose tea huangshan
Chinese Tea Appreciate Book food snacks wine book Chinese Culture Books (English and Chinese editiion)

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