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Colophony / Rosin /dry Herbs Traditional Chinese Medicine Green Tea 500 G

Colophony / Rosin /dry Herbs Traditional Chinese Medicine Green Tea 500 G

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  • StyleLoose Tea
  • VarietyOther
  • AgeNew
  • GradeGifted Class
  • Weight (Kg)0.5
  • PackagingBag
  • Shelf Life12 Months
  • Brand NameStore No.604168
  • CertificationGmp
  • Item TypeHerbal

Product Description

Said : Rosin Pinyin : SONG XIANG Latin : Colophonum Alias: turpentine, pine cream , fragrant pine gum , asphalt , white rosin, yellow incense, fragrant pine Site : Oleoresin acquired in the trunk Characters : Rosin irregular translucent blocks, ranging in size . Surface yellow , often a layer of yellow and white Creme . When you see the quality of hard and brittle at room temperature , fragile, sections and bright, like glass . There turpentine odor , bitter taste. Heating the softening and melting , a brown smoke when burned. Origin: Guangdong , Guangxi, Fujian Harvesting and processing: Select 6 to 7 years old trees , and in the summer at the base of the trunk from the skin with a sharp knife cut to the Department of the Ministry of sapwood , or dig a hole cut into a V-shaped , so that the Ministry of sapwood oleoresin from wounds outflow collection . Water was added to the resin was collected by distillation , the volatile oil distilled , heating was continued to remove water , and the molten , hot filtered to remove impurities, Tropism of taste : temperature ; bitter, sweet ; liver, spleen Dosage: Oral: decoction , 3 ~ 5g; or into pills, powder , also soaked in wine . External: moderate , powder dry mixed or transfer apply ; or system patch . Taboo: deficiency and there are real fire ban clothing . Not Jiufu . Can not be served without strict concocted . Tips: When workers from the original packaging drums knock smashing packaging, the rosin bag will have a large, medium , small and powder , the ratio is slightly different . The picture is taken in kind, crystal clear , like amber . Widely used in welding flux and stringed instruments and so on. Rosin : rich in turpentine pine as raw material, non-volatile natural resin obtained by different processing methods is called rosin . Rosin is a pale yellow to reddish -brown , transparent vitreous material having a thermoplastic . Rosin is a mixture of various components having , due to its composition varies slightly in different species of pines , composed mainly of resin acids , while a small amount of fatty acid and neutral substances. According to the analysis , in general, rosin , and resin acid content of 85.6 ~ 88.7% fatty acid content of 2.5 to 5.4 %, the content of neutral material is 5.2 to 7.6 %. Rosin is an important chemical raw material, widely used in various industrial sectors, mainly for the following purposes : 1 , rosin soap industry , together with caustic soda or cooking, forming loose soap. Pine soap has great detergency, soluble in water, can dissolve grease, easy to lather . Rosin is sticky, easy to crack and make soap rancidity deterioration. 2 , rosin paper industry in the papermaking and paper industry as sizing . Rosin and rosin sodium soap made from caustic soda , i.e., rubber , plastic material mixed with the pulp and add alum , rosin becomes stuck in a small water-insoluble fiber free acid resin particles , when the pulp is heated in the drying cylinder rolling when filling in between the fibers soften rosin , this effect is called " the glue " or " glue ." After the paper " glue " that enhance water resistance, to prevent ink penetration, improve strength and smoothness, reduce the degree of stretching . 3 , paint and coatings industry Rosin soluble in various organic solvents , and easy to film , glossy, is one of the basic raw material of paint coatings. Rosin role in the paint is to paint bright color, fast drying, smooth and easy to fall off the film . 4 , the ink in the printing ink industry Rosin is mainly used as color bodies , and enhance the adhesion of the ink to the paper . If you do not rosin ink , printing ink will become dull tone , blurred. 5 , the adhesive industry rosin ester and hydrogenated rosin ester as a binder of the basic materials commonly used for hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives and rubber tackifier. 6 , Rubber Industry rosin used as a softener in the rubber industry , increase its flexibility. Potassium soap of disproportionated rosin may be synthetic rubber emulsion. 7 , the food industry and a polyol of hydrogenated rosin , the rosin ester to prepare a food , for the manufacture of chewing gum and bubble gum . 8 , the electrical industry rosin 35% to 65% with light oil formulated into insulating oil in the cable as a protective film , from insulation and heat effect. Bakelite and other synthetic rosin and resin mixed as insulating varnish. In addition , the battery is sealed with wax , electric pink beads bonded with the ointment contain rosin . Air Mail-reach places around the world Shipping Method : Air Mail Price(1 item): Time : 15-30 (days) Buy more and save your shipping! Do you have any requests and questions, email me

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