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Common Mode Choke 31 9 13 30A 4Mh Filter Parameter

Common Mode Choke 31 9 13 30A 4Mh Filter Parameter
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  • Is_CustomizedYes
  • Brand NameCommon
  • Model NumberCommon
  • Coil ClassificationSingle Tier Coil
Product Description
Our company belongs to another order, can accept customers' special requirements proofing, various types of electronic products: magnetic ring inductance, common-mode inductor, magnet inductor, hollow coil, three phase filter, common mode filter, high-frequency electronic transformers, h inductors Etc. Product customization (specific parameters, the customer need to provide drawings and samples custom) Due to time limited manpower, related parameters about the above products we would not be in this one is not good to get some drawings, product parameters size specification, please contact the owner ask for!We shall implement the principle of the quantity is with preferential treatment. Because of custom products, tax, inclusive of delivery charges, some less, some big, some hard, some requirement is different, the materials and artificial cost and so on various aspects are different, so the price is not different matter.Specific relevant trading rules (such as price, quantity, delivery, freight and all taxes and fees or other affairs of make out an invoice) please get in touch with the confirmation,
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