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Dj-Dp Stencial Isolator For Screen Printing One Screen Can Make Two Different Colors With Shipping Cost Fee And

Dj-Dp Stencial Isolator For Screen Printing One Screen Can Make Two Different Colors With Shipping Cost Fee And
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Product Details
  • Brand NameDj
  • Printing TypeScreen Printing Machine
  • Model Number2015 New Design
  • TypeDepart Color
  • UseManual Screen Printing Equipment
  • Screen Printing Acessory EquipmentStencil Isolator
  • Place Of OriginShandong, China (Mainland)
Product Description
Two-color in one printing separate is our company according to the screen printing process encountered in the pattern part of the color separation and printing 2 color case, change traditional color of each a screen version, need to print more than twice the and specially designed a kind of screen printing auxiliary device.
Such as: the back of the sportswear, number is a red; English name is blue, the past is the basic practice need to do 2 screen version and need to print 2 times then complete the printing. Our company designed this separate, it would make numbers and English name on a screen version half and half, in the printing process, split the screen using the separate, separate from each side color printing materials, printing can be respectively printed on the two colors
The main advantage of this separate
6. 1,Its important to work efficiency, sometimes need to do two editions can only do a version can achieve the same effect: need to load and unload 2 times a need to complete the screen printing;

2, about the quality of the products; use the separate a complete double color printing, do not need to two respectively & multicolor printing of edition, thereby reducing caused by inaccurate & multicolor printing quality problem.

3 simple installation and operation, only need in the screen frame on both sides according to the need to separate printing group position, separate from the retainer screen frame side, in the middle of the separate and set up with hand tighten the screws can be connected.

4. The separate for width less than 6 cm of the screen frame material; various isolation plate materials of less than 2 cm; the separate can mach the height of every screen frame , screen frame material, wood, aluminum alloy or iron materials all can use.

5 it can be use in the most narrow frame inner diameter 24 cm, the widest 45 centimeters any aluminum, wood material screen frame.

6. The separator adopts 6 mm steel laser cutting, bending, never deformation and the advanced electrostatic spray surface treatment, never rust

7 Configurations
2 Two-color in one printing separate
6 screen frame stainless steel fixed within six angle screw (according to the Screen frame size)
6. Two- color in one printing separate plate connecting fixed hand screw nut 2 sets
7. Stick type inner six angle Allen wrench

DJ-DP Stencial Isolator for screen printing one screen can make two different colors with shipping cost fee and

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