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Evening Primrose Oil Relieving pruritus, enhancing skin tension, treating alopecia and relieving eczema

Evening Primrose Oil Relieving pruritus, enhancing skin tension, treating alopecia and relieving eczema
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  • OriginCn (Origin)
  • IngredientPure Natural
  • Model Number#1
  • Net Wt100Ml
  • Item TypeShower Oil
  • Quality Guarantee Period2 Year
  • Usage MethodMassage, Facial Mask, Diy Chinese Medicine Soap
  • EffectSkin Whitening
  • Product CategoryCosmetic Raw Materials
Product Description
Name: Evening Primrose Oil
Packaging: Bottling
Origin: Germany
Description: Evening Primose, also known as Evening Primose, is a herb of the Salix family. It is a kind of herb originating from North America. Because the color of flowers is the same as the pale yellow of Primrose flowers, and because it blossoms in the evening when it sees the moon, it withers immediately after dawn, so it is called Evening Primose, or "Evening Primrose". It is called Evening Star in Europe and America, Virginian Night Candle in Germany and Evening Beauty of the Night in France. Evening Primrose Oil is extracted from Evening Primrose. It has many important functions. It is commonly used to relieve eczema and improve abnormal skin symptoms. Protecting healthy skin, hair and nails, relieving premenstrual symptoms and menopausal disorders, and improving specific immune diseases have been discovered and used by Indians. For hundreds of years, it has become one of the traditional herbs to maintain health. In the early 20th century, scientists confirmed that Evening Primrose Oil extracted from Evening Primrose seeds contains a special fatty acid, called Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), which has the most obvious effect on human body, such as maintaining the health of cell membranes and retaining more water in cells. Therefore, it has a strong effect on relieving eczema, dry and itchy skin, improving abnormal skin symptoms and maintaining healthy skin. When the nail becomes fragile, or there is dandruff or depilation, it is a warning signal that the human body lacks essential fatty acids, so gla is indispensable for maintaining the health of skin, hair and nails. It is very helpful to prevent hair loss and keep nails healthy for middle-aged women. It is rich in nearly 90% polyunsaturated linolenic acid and hypolinolenic acid, also known as vitamin F, which is the basic unit of cell membrane. Therefore, it has the function of protecting and reconstructing skin cells, penetrating into cells and strengthening cell tightness. Degree, suitable for mature skin soaping characteristics of small foam, high moisture. It's soft grease and no foam.
Hand-made soap for allergic or rough skin can be added if evening primrose oil is blended.

Evening primrose oil, formerly known as evening primrose, mainly consists of r-linoleic acid, magnesium, zinc, copper, vitamin C, e, B6 and B5. It can be blended with essential oils and essential oils. It has many therapeutic and whitening functions. It can be made into capsules and can be used to treat cardiovascular diseases. Premenstrual syndrome, menopausal syndrome, and aromatherapy can be used to blend milk and cream, improve eczema, psoriasis, help heal wounds, nail development, and solve hair problems. It is generally used at a dosage of 10%.
Related Legends       According to the legend, thousands of years ago, ancient Indians used a kind of miraculous medicine supplied by night to relieve human pain. This miraculous medicine comes from the ingredients extracted from a kind of plant seed that only blooms beautiful yellow flowers at night, but withers after the sun rises and the moon disappears. This plant is therefore named evening primrose, also known as "evening primrose".   After thousands of years, the mysterious contribution of evening primrose oil to human physiological benefits has been finally confirmed by science. The main effective ingredient in evening primrose oil is Gamma Linolenic The omega-6 series polyunsaturated fatty acids of acid (GLA for short) (recall that EPA and DHA contained in deep sea fish oil mentioned in this column are omega-3 series polyunsaturated fatty acids, and their physiological effects are very similar).   Why can gla help the human body? First of all, we must understand that fat is composed of fatty acids, just as protein is composed of amino acids. Different kinds of fatty acids are combined into different kinds of oils, and the human body can also convert different fatty acids to meet the physiological needs of the human body. However, for a small number of specific fatty acids, such as gla or EPA, the human body can not synthesize them by itself, and they must be obtained by food intake. We call these fatty acids "essential fatty acids". The most obvious symptom of the lack of essential fatty acids, such as linoleic acid or hypolinoleic acid, is that the skin is extremely dry or even inflamed, causing itching. It is essential that fatty acid deficiency is most likely to occur in infants, leading to stunting. Although it is not easy for adults to suffer from the deficiency of essential fatty acids according to the dietary habits of developing or developed countries, many essential fatty acids will have beneficial physiological effects when they are consumed more. For example, EPA and DHA in deep sea fish oil and GLA in evening primrose oil that we discussed before.       Effect       anti-inflammatory   Gla (γ - linolenic acid) can produce prostaglandin E1 and prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) through physiological and biochemical reactions in human body   It can replace the normal physiological effect of PGE2 in vivo, but PGE1 has a strong relaxation effect on smooth muscle. Therefore, it is speculated that PGE2 will be helpful to relieve asthma and decrease blood pressure. Although many clinical trials in general dose can not support this statement, for endogenous inflammatory factors, atopic eczema caused by prostaglandins is proved to be effective about (P. edben, et al., a study of ever primrose seed oil in atopic ASTM A, prostaglandins leukot essent fatty acids 35 (2): 69-72 Feb. 1989). A group of Swiss biochemists, led by Biagi, studied atrophic dermatitis caused by immune insufficiency with abnormal IgE immunoglobulin value in children, and treated with evening primrose oil. The results showed that gla can effectively improve a kind of anti-inflammatory biological precursor in the body The concentration of (dgla) in the body, especially in the group with high concentration of evening primrose oil intake, can significantly improve the symptoms. Through a series of clinical trials, the effect of evening primrose oil on alleviating inflammation was proved. Biochemists began to try to apply evening primrose oil to inflammatory symptoms caused by autoimmune reactions such as multiple spondylitis, lupus erythematosus, etc., and the results were also satisfactory (P.C. Calder, the effect of evening primrose oil on lymphocyte functions, Braz J Med Biol Tes, 1993; 9(26): 901-917)。 However, it is worth noting that deep sea fish oil (W-3 oleic acid) has the same effect. Therefore, unless you are a vegetarian, you can use the combination of seesaw oil and deep sea fish oil to relieve autoimmune inflammation. Relieve premenstrual symptoms   When we find that the girl who usually gets along with us is lively, lovely and gentle, suddenly becomes depressed and has a bad temper, the most intuitive guess of ordinary people may be "ah! She must be that one. "Most women have to spend five to ten days with their" good friends "every month for almost half of their lives. However, since the first two to three days of menstruation, the hormone changes in women's bodies, together with the bleeding and exfoliation of endometrium during menstruation, will lead to the increase of the concentration of prostaglandin, GLA in evening primrose oil can inhibit the increase of prostaglandin concentration and decrease the discomfort of PMS. There was a clinical experiment on the treatment of severe breast swelling caused by premenstrual syndrome with evening primrose oil. The results showed that the effect of evening primrose oil was similar to that of traditional oral hormone preparations (p.m. genolet, et. al., diagnosis and treatment of mastodynial, RED MED sruisse Romande, 1995; 115 (5): 385-390). Another problem women face is osteoporosis, so how to reduce the loss of calcium has become an important issue. According to an experiment in rats, the urine calcium content of a group of rats fed with evening primrose oil for four weeks was significantly lower, while for the rats with hyperuricemia, it was more significant to prevent calcium loss (i. Tulloch et. al., evolving primrose oil reduction URI cal increase in both normal and hypercalcial rates, 1994 22 (4) 227-230). This experiment also supports that evening primrose oil can reduce calcium loss and prevent osteoporosis. Due to the variety of evening primrose oil, it is helpful for women's physiological health care. Therefore, evening primrose oil should be the priority of women's friends in the health food market.   Reduce thrombosis   Like deep sea fish oil, evening primrose oil is a kind of essential fatty acid, which can replace the inflammatory endogenous factors produced by arachidonic acid in the body, such as prostaglandin, leukotriene and thromboxane X2), therefore, in addition to its anti-inflammatory effect, evening primrose oil also has the effect of reducing blood clotting reaction and preventing thrombosis (E.J. Steven, et al., prostacyclin release in experimental diabetes: effect of every primrose oil, prostaglandins leukot essential fat acids, 1993 Sep; 49 (3): 699-701).   In addition, fan, a biochemist, published in the Journal of arterial biomedicine in 1995 that gla can reduce the proliferation of mast cells and smooth muscle cells, and reduce the incidence of arteriosclerosis.   Evening primrose oil not only has the prevention and treatment effect on the cardiovascular diseases of the elderly, but also is very useful for diabetes, another disease of the elderly. Atrophic neuropathy is a common side effect of diabetes mellitus. Scientists also found that evening primrose oil can protect nerve cells and reduce the incidence of neuropathy (N.E. Cameron, et al., Br. J. Pharmacol, 1993; 109 (4) 972-979; C.D. dines, et al., Eur J Pharmacol, 1995 Aug; 281 (3): 303-309). British biochemist grant et al. Fed a group of pregnant diabetic mice with evening primrose oil. They found that the weight and health status of the mice were normal compared with those without evening primrose oil. They also found that evening primrose oil could reduce the incidence of diabetes. Although this was not a human-made experiment, evening primrose oil was used as a chronic disease protection Raise, it is a good choice actually!   Anticancer effect   When it comes to cancer, most people will probably classify it as the killer of human life, and the treatment afterwards is not as meaningful as the prevention beforehand. Therefore, no matter what kind of health food, most people will "think of ways" to connect with "cancer prevention". In fact, the anti-cancer effect of evening primrose oil only stays in the research stage with mice as the sample, and its anti-cancer effect The principle is that evening primrose oil can "reduce" the lipid peroxidation of adipocytes in mice, because the peroxidation will generate free radicals, which will lead to cell degeneration and lead to cancer lesions (S. Kokura, et al., efficiency of hyperthermis and polyunsaturated fatty acids on experimental carcinoma; Cancer Res, 1997 Jun; 57 (11): 2200-2202).   Therefore, evening primrose oil is believed to have antitumor effect. In addition, scientists also found that gla can inhibit the fusion reaction between normal vascular endogeneity and tumor endothelial cells, which can also slow down the development of cancer (W.G. Jiang et al, GLA regulates gap junction communication in endothelial cells and their inter action with tumor cells., Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty acids, 1997 Apr; 56(4): 307-316)。       Suitable for skin texture       Dry aging or cracked skin. It is also an excellent moisturizer. Suitable for dry skin, prevent aging, psoriasis and dry eczema. Note: keep out of children's reach and in a cool place.       Taboo editor   1. It is not suitable for minors to take evening primrose oil   2. Women with hysteromyoma should follow the doctor's instructions   3. It is not suitable for women to take between menstrual periods   4. Women with more menstrual periods take less
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