Evergreen Purple Fescue Lawn Grass Seeds Seed Courtyard Density Blade Thin Red Fox Mao Seeds 200G / Pack

Evergreen Purple Fescue Lawn Grass Seeds Seed Courtyard Density Blade Thin Red Fox Mao Seeds 200G / Pack

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Product Details

  • Full-Bloom PeriodSummer
  • Applicable ConstellationPisces
  • FlowerpotExcluded
  • FunctionBeautifying
  • ClassificationHappy Farm
  • UseOutdoor Plants
  • StylePerennial
  • ClimateSubtropics
  • LocationCourtyard
  • Brand Name001
  • Model Number001
  • SizeMedium
  • Product TypeBonsai
  • TypeSeed
  • VarietySeed
  • Sowing TimeMulti- Season
  • FloweringMulti- Season
  • Varietal Purity96

Product Description

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Evergreen purple fescue lawn grass seeds seed courtyard density blade thin red fox Mao seeds 200g / Pack

Evergreen purple fescue lawn grass seeds seed courtyard density blade thin red fox Mao seeds 200g / Pack

Evergreen purple fescue lawn grass seeds seed courtyard density blade thin red fox Mao seeds 200g / Pack

Mao also known as red fox red fescue , grassy , Festuca , Festuca rubra widely distributed in the northern hemisphere cold temperature zone , north of the Yangtze River provinces are distributed. Red fescue is a perennial herb , to cool-season grass, with short rhizomes and developed fibrous root , root system slim , with short rhizomes . Grounds because tiny seed particles , according to the soil before planting conditions, the elimination of topsoil 0-30 cm in the debris , and then carefully leveling the land , to loose , breathable, smooth , good drainage. If soils, application of organic manure or fertilizer to increase fertility , seeding can be sown in spring and autumn . Seeding rate of 20-25 grams per square meter , the seeding rate with different varieties, regions , time , purpose and slightly different irrigated before planting day , the next day when seeding topsoil in semi -dry , in order to obtain a robust seedlings it is necessary with a small amount of seed fertilizer when planting. After sowing , cover the surface topsoil or after fat suppression light in order not to expose the seed is appropriate, keep the soil moist , 7-21 days after sowing to emergence , seedling weeds should be noted . Planting : Because of the influence of the special nature of the seed of objective factors , and subject to geographical environment , this data for reference purposes only , does not bear any loss arising from this information and related legal responsibility!

Evergreen purple fescue lawn grass seeds seed courtyard density blade thin red fox Mao seeds 200g / Pack

Purchase seed Description : Shop seed of the standard price for the kilogram price , small amount of friends and treasurer in advance or customer service, we will give you photographed after timely modify the price , Our commitment to sell the seeds are new species , the buyer buy! Seed itself has a complex genetic factors , due to temperature, light, humidity , soil , planting conditions , seeding technology , management and other factors caused the late seed germination rate , or not sprouting , the restaurant any more of the economic and seed prices does not assume responsibility !

Different seasons , the price will float , online price for reference only , to welcome all friends to inquire ! Absolute quality assurance , technical professional support , sales responsible to solve! Foreign undertake landscaping works and construction design , welcomes you order and long-term cooperation !
Green seedlings field Shuyang good( Bureau of Parks recommended ) located in China large Huamuzhixiang - Shuyang Yanji Zhen , is selling one of the first major project the green unit Shuyang seedlings and breeding . Since its inception in 2004 , it has repeatedly been rated as \\" Shuyang Star Enterprise\\" , \\"the contract and keep credibility\\" , \\" flowers marketing major ,\\" the advanced unit. Operating seedlings more than 830 varieties , with annual sales of over 600 million, mainly sales promotion types are: trees, shrubs , sports plants, ornamental bamboo, color class , class hedges , flowers, potted plants category, flower category Lei , thorn fence categories , to be kind , lawn type , flower festival , all kinds of new and fine Coleus species , 5 acres of green seedlings , a total of 23 categories, nursery stock sold throughout the country .

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More seedlings and seed varieties , all specifications , quantity , quality distinctions , we will best quality seedlings at the best price available to you, truly affordable ! Manager Jijian Kang warmly welcome new and old customers to our base in the field to see Miao purchase, I believe that through cooperation , we will be assured of the integrity of your most reliable partner in Shuyang area .

1. Price advantage : homegrown , the base price for you direct!
2. Quality advantage: the scene to see the goods lifter, quality hundred percent assured !
3. Service advantages: free transfer , accommodation , loading, quarantine , billing , distribution and other thoughtful service!

I do not care about the size of the business , as long as you are satisfied with good, long time cooperation is beginning . Family and individual needs of a few potted flowers, nursery stock and to discuss the unit can cling rail freight , postal EMS logistics, automotive LTL, express mail , air shipment and other transportation services . Jiangsu, Zhejiang , Shanghai, Anhui four provinces arrive the next day , 3-5 days arrive other provinces , Hong Kong, Austria , Taiwan , 4-6 days arrival abroad , has done exported to Korea, Japan , Taiwan , The unit handled all the formalities have welcomed the new and old customers before the seedling orders!

Contact: Ji Jiankang
Tel : 14751302063 ; 13951390128
E-mail : 421595916 # qq.com
Address : City of Jiangsu Province Shuyang Yanji Zhen Ji Weir Village village group , 88

Postage instructions :

1 , we will choose according to your convenience courier company , after the baby photographed please tell us pick the most convenient way to ensure that your baby can be served , we support EMS, tact, Shen Tong, Tong , rhyme , every day , Full peak , Azores , post office.
2, due to delivery costs differ across the country , so please pay postage according to your region , details see table postage postage costs , Hong Kong , Macao , Taiwan and other countries and regions, please contact customer service.

No postage or with less postage , we will refuse the shipment picture Disclaimer: ! Shop all of our pictures are real photographs , please the majority of buyers look for ( good) brand , Pirates of the map shameful !Alipay friends can made by bank transfer to complete the transaction , we will be the first time to help in the issue after receipt of payment your goods , you do not have to worry about the payment is not shipped , we are regular nursery stock company , it is supported by the National Industry and Commerce department license to operate , whether to sell or to buy are protected by law , please rest assured purchase .

Seed conservation and cropping patterns :

I. 1. Keep seed bags sealed , stored in a dry place , cool place. 2. Economic and production due to climate or energy loss caused by improper cultivation , assumes any financial responsibility . 3. Since the warranty period if it does not germinate the seed itself , after confirmation germinating seeds shall not be responsible for refund !

Second, the planting of herbaceous flowers precautions! Soil: Soil requirements herbaceous flowers relatively high, some herbaceous flowers hardly choose the soil, planting soil usually requires loose fertile herb flowers, water retention and water permeability, good crumb structure, and humus content. Use of the Soil recipes will be better, the general formula garden soil plus soil humus, grass carbon soil and rotted manure, this hybrid formula soil loose, breathable, water and heat, and fertile, very suitable for flower cultivation, before planting, rake Fine leveling, irrigation watering thoroughly, then timely planting. Sowing: first irrigated land before sowing water, then sow evenly, use fine sand covering after sowing, cover thickness is 1-1.5 times the seed diameter, seed hats unearthed too thin, poor growth, too thick and difficult to sprouting. Growth optimum temperature for seed germination is 10-26 degrees Celsius, pay attention to insulation moisture. Management: flower seedlings grow up to three true leaves, transplant will be carried out, if the basin planting, water to irrigated Huanmiao. Transplanting row spacing usually 20x20 cm, after transplanting should be irrigated Huanmiao water, Huanmiao to follow the principle of every dry pouring wet, dry and then drenched, saplings grow to educate bud stage, should be appropriate to increase fertilizer, side edge watering fertilization should make fertilizer with the water to go.
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