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Free Shopping Skin Care 100% Pure Plant Essential Oils Frankincense Essential Oil Turkey Imports Wrinkle Firming Whitening

Free Shopping Skin Care 100% Pure Plant Essential Oils Frankincense Essential Oil Turkey Imports Wrinkle Firming Whitening
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Product Details
  • Essential Oil TypePure Essential Oil
  • Ingredient100% Pure Plant Essential Oils
  • Item TypeEssential Oil
  • Cosmetics The Efficacies/, Relieving Tension, Remove Acne Acne Acne /, Withdrawn , Clean Skin
  • Skin Cosmetics FeaturePurity
  • Cosmetics Scar EfficaciesAcne ,, Anti-Inflammatory
  • Cosmetics FeatureCalm Soothing
  • Cosmetics Curative Effect FeatureSkin Curative Effect
  • Curative EffectCure Cold
  • Acne Acne Cosmetics EfficaciesRuptured
  • Ease Headache Cosmetics The EfficaciesCure Cold
  • Cosmetics EfficaciesAntidandruff, Grease Balancing, , Astringency Grease Balancing
Product Description
Free shopping skin care 100% pure plant essential oils Frankincense essential oil Turkey imports Wrinkle Firming Whitening

Product Name: frankincense oil
English name: Frankincense
Botanical Name: Boswellia thurifera
Extraction Source: Bark
Extraction Method: Distillation
Origin: Turkey
Size: 10ml
Its essential oil is distilled from the bark cut out yellow resin from, originating in the Middle East, Lebanon and Iran, as the recent indiscriminate trees, sources become rare, extremely expensive frankincense currently worth, in addition to woodsy scent, but still with slightly fruity tone, height, such as olive oil color is pale yellow.

[Magic formula]
1 frankincense blended lavender can promote cell activation.
2 In the foundation 20ml massage oil add 4 drops of frankincense essential oil and 4 drops of orange essential oil can help you relax tense.
3 cold air freshener: frankincense in 100ml water, add 1 drop 1 drop Sandalwood
4 for pregnant women and newborns
A. From 4 months of pregnancy onwards, with frankincense essential oil 3 drops mixed in a 3 ml foundations, stroking the abdomen in a clockwise direction to prevent postpartum belly pattern, and give
B. postpartum abdominal massage every day with the above formulation, repairable complex uterus toughness, prevent postpartum inflammation.
C. to children bathing in the water by adding 2-3 drops of frankincense essential oil can soothe the baby, fight bacteria, so that the baby more healthy.
5 4 drops of frankincense 5CC join in evening primrose oil, massage the lower abdomen, can deal with menorrhagia, dripping problem of excessive tardiness.
6 drops of frankincense 4 + 5 drops of sandalwood massage the face after mixing with carrier oils can heal the face wrinkles, dryness and rough skin.
7 to 10 drops of frankincense incense into the bottle for expansion, with the proliferation of taste inhalation sedative effect, can be used for autonomic nervous system disorders or those who can not relieve the pressure.
Free shopping skin care 100% pure plant essential oils Frankincense essential oil Turkey imports Wrinkle Firming Whitening

Runny nose (mucosal inflammation), bronchitis, sore throat, cough, chest pain, chest tightness, shortness of breath, indigestion, kidney inflammation, diuretic, cystitis, muscle aches, aging skin, activation, and promote scarring, menstrual disorders, postpartum depression, uterine bleeding, drive away demons, meditation, energy
[For places ]
Elders Bedroom : frankincense for middle-aged men and women , have considerable assistance role , warm but delicate woody flavor , but also to coordinate the physical and mental balance , relieve menopausal discomfort , for the elderly , frankincense is the most appropriate long-term assistance essential oils, it smell, seems to be absent , not too strong , it will not smell , the most suitable as weekdays recuperation .
Conference rooms and executive offices : Frankincense can be used distraught places , such as conference rooms , if they can stay in the air before the calm atmosphere, so the conference room , everyone has to communicate with the calm attitude will naturally reduce the number of gunpowder. The same thing applies to the competent office , especially busy business executives, I believe it is easy to " lather " to provide fragrance of frankincense , is the boss performance cherish most obvious method capable cadres .

Free shopping skin care 100% pure plant essential oils Frankincense essential oil Turkey imports Wrinkle Firming Whitening

[ Efficacy skin
1 . Give new life to aging skin , smooth wrinkles efficacy excellence, real skincare products saint . He is also able to balance the convergence properties of the skin. For wounds, wounds, ulcers and inflammation have effect .
(2) improve dry , irritated , sensitive skin
A. frankincense essential oil 3 drops added to the wash water , put a towel , wring moisture, spreads in the face and gently press the face , back and forth several times , this method to treat inflammation and dried dry and peeling of the skin, the skin can often use smooth and delicate .
B. frankincense essential oil 3 drops +Sandalwood essential oil 2 drops +Rosehip Oil 5 ml for facial massage , or frankincense essential oil added to the daily use of skin care products mix , the ratio of 5 drops on 10 g cream applied daily to the skin .
C. frankincense essential oil 3 drops +Rose essential oil 2 drops +Jojoba oil 5 ml for facial massage , with good anti-aging and appease allergic effect .
[ Efficacy of physiological
1 . The mucous membrane has excellent efficacy , especially to lung, the respiratory system is also quite excellent , can relieve shortness of breath , beneficial to asthmatics .
2 benefit genitourinary pipes, can relieve cystitis , kidney inflammation and a group of vaginal infections. The convergence characteristics can reduce excessive menstrual bleeding and symptoms, generally regarded as uterine tonic. Its soothing effect is useful in childbirth , but also to alleviate postpartum depression .
3 Relieving cough and asthma : frankincense essential oil 5 drops +Juniper essential oil 2 drops +Sweet almond oil 5 ml mixing throat and chest and back massage can relieve asthma and cough and respiratory system irritation, asthma also has some soothing .

Free shopping skin care 100% pure plant essential oils Frankincense essential oil Turkey imports Wrinkle Firming Whitening

[Psychological Efficacy]
Let no shortness of breath , people feel smooth , so feel better and peaceful. It is refreshing to appease but some effect, can help anxiety and obsessive past mental state.
To appease the restless mind : frankincense essential oil drops in the bath tub or drops in the vaporizer in fumigation , inhalation of frankincense in the air molecules that can appease the restless mind , people feel calm and help meditation.
[Pure essential oils Experience]
The best choice for meditation incense in a handkerchief drop 2 drops frankincense essential oil in the deep breathing can relieve sinusitis cause inflammation , redness , and pain [ with sex ]
Suitable reconcile with essential oils : basil , black pepper , geranium, grapefruit , lavender , orange, lemon balm , patchouli , pine , sandalwood .
Frankincense, sandalwood wood can enhance flavor.
Bamboo Kwai make sweet smell of frankincense .
Mixed with roses can create a fairly sweet aroma.
Frankincense leisurely words
In the Middle East or the Arab bazaar area , whether approached the monastery , from time to time you can feel a mysterious scent linger in them . Its taste is sweet mysterious deep sense with bradycardia , and thus become a local frankincense is very common and ancient spices, but also the ancient ritual on a variety of essential spices . Frank and frankincense incense in French which is actually meant .
Boswellia Boswellia plant belongs in the trunk deep notch cut out , it will flow into the gums and resins solidified wax emulsion containing particulate matter , particles of this cream that is frankincense . These creamy yellow resin particles obtained by distillation and then frankincense .
Frankincense quiet sweet taste helps mood of precipitation, calm irritability, and restless mind , is a very suitable for meditation and meditation an essential oil . And traditional Chinese medicine in China is still bent , with cough, phlegm , qi bleeding, respiratory tract aspect is good fungicide
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