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Happy Family Life Should Be High Simulation Flowers Home Decoration Ornaments Creative Home Furnishing Artificial Plants

Happy Family Life Should Be High Simulation Flowers Home Decoration Ornaments Creative Home Furnishing Artificial Plants
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Product Details
  • TypeArtificial Stone
  • Stone FormBig Slab
  • MaterialWood + Plastics
  • CraftsSimulation
  • Custom ProcessingNo
  • Product IdYg-8014220
  • TypePotted
  • PackageBoxed
  • Whether Patent SourcesNo
  • Num.Yg-8014220
Product Description
Hundred percent real shooting
Hundred percent physical description
Brand: should be highName: YG- happy life potted flowersModel: YG-8014220Size: 14.7 * 20.5cmMaterial: Wood + PlasticsStyle: 3 models
3 pots from the grant,please shoot multiples of 3

Buyers must-readPro, in order to cooperate more enjoyable, please take a few minutes to read the following:
1OUR is the wholesale price, product thin profits, so regardless mixed batch of loose or need to take full300dollars shipments, hope you customer understanding.
2All baby are taken in kind shop,Physical and picture the basic one to,You pay,Quality assurance,Please rest assured customers to buy.
3, Tune Returns: Because it is photographed in the studio, the color difference with the picture, the picture may be minor differences exist due to the resolution of each computer, monitors, graphics cards and other reasons, this is normal! Such as merchandise bags damaged, affecting secondary sales, not be returned.
4, Color problem: Because each person\'s vision, display problems,There will be some kind of color with pictures,We usually like the same camera,The picture is relatively bright,The physical is secretly,So please care about the color of the customer to be carefully considered and then shoot.
5Evaluation Question: We attach great importance to every buyer evaluation, and strive to achieve the perfect service, if you receive the baby feel any unsatisfactory, please do not rush to evaluation, quickly contact the owner would dwell give you a proper solution, please solve your problems when given in good faith evaluation.
6Quality problems: pre-delivery will have a special packing department, there should be no quality problems, but can not be hundred percent.If the product does exist defects, please received48Contact us within the hour, be sure you properly resolve,
A.Non-quality problems return shipping back and forth by the buyer\'s responsibility.
B.Delivery time please ensure that the same as with the original packaging,It does not affect the next sale, Bags, etc..
C.Upon receipt, please sign your own,And the sign in front of delivery personnel to check goods without damaged,As indicated by the sign on behalf of its people, either directly after receipt of goods found to have damaged,We have the right not to accept your change returns processing oh~!So the restaurant does not belong to quality problems not and will not responsible. If you do not have to allow the return of goods through us,Any impairment charges arise,By the buyers themselves.
7, Express the problem: Our cooperation courier companies, generally based on the normal time to reach,Sometimes special circumstances would later twelve days,In particular, encountered bad weather and holidays, there will be delay in the delay phenomenon. Express delivery time is different because the country,There will be no weekend delivery situation,Salesman qualities of each node of the courier company not the middle may be the individual outlets salesman bad attitude or parcel damage, some sellers can not predict unexpected factors of. In short there is something bad, please contact us, we will actively communicate with the courier company to solve. Have any questions please contact us,We will help you out. And strive to be perfect, to your satisfaction!
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