Hot!!free And Fast Shipping Good Service Detox Machine Foot Spa Machine Ion Cleanser Foot Spa Machine

Hot!!free And Fast Shipping Good Service Detox Machine Foot Spa Machine Ion Cleanser Foot Spa Machine
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  • Item TypeFoot Care Tool
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Hot!!Free and Fast Shipping Good Service Detox Machine Foot Spa Machine Ion Cleanser Foot Spa Machine

Hot!!Free and Fast Shipping Good Service Detox Machine Foot Spa Machine Ion Cleanser Foot Spa Machine

Hot!!Free and Fast Shipping Good Service Detox Machine Foot Spa Machine Ion Cleanser Foot Spa Machine

We are exposed to the greatest toxic load in the history of our planet, and ongoing periodic detoxification is essential to maintain health and to avoid disease. The IonCleanse, in combination with a healthy, low stress lifestyle, provides a thorough and efficient way to maintain high energy levels and long term wellness.
It may be possible to reduce pain and other symptoms caused by a lifetime of toxic buildup in the body (assuming the symptoms are caused by toxic buildup).
Most people will get health from an IonCleanse session. An IonCleanse is recommended for people falling into one or more of the categories listed below: • Wearer of a pacemaker or any other battery operated or electrical implants.
• People on heartbeat regulating medication.
• Organ transplant recipients.
• Organ removal, especially the colon.
• Are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What you can expect to feel during a IonCleanse session.
With the economy fast development, the modern life become perfect and perfect, but the pollution is serious. The pollution of air, water, food and radiation spread more and more widely. The pollution in the air, food is harmful to our health. The ion cleanse is used periodically. 15 times is one treatment. Detoxify once two days. After one treatment, continue the next treatment two weeks later. According to the accumulation character of the toxin and the treatment periodical, we suggest to detoxify in a long term.
Many ladies and old-aged friends care about this question. The sunspot, acne, aged-marks are caused by the long-term accumulation of the toxin in the body. The periodical detoxification can remove these toxins to recover the cells energy and make the skin elastic and smooth. It can remove or improve these symptoms and has the beautifying and healthcare effect. Somebody says the ion cleanse has the instant effect to the diabetes and the removed toxin from the body is visible. Is that true? Yes, it’s true. Our clinic validation discovers the blood sugar index is decreased than this before using after the diabetes patients use the ion cleanse. Usually, the blood sugar can be decrease to the normal level after one or two treatments (the treatments quantity depends on the condition of the different patients).
How long the set of ion cleanse can be used? The ion cleanse belongs to the consume product. Normally, it can be used for 40-60 times (if the water hardness is appropriate and a little salt.), but when it’s always Zero on V and A place of the display, that means the ion heads need to be changed. The too hard water, too more salt, long-time dipping will shorten the life of the ion heads. The ion cleanse will be consumed constantly during using. And the impurity on it will become more and more. Its function will be weakened. It’s necessary to change the ion cleanse to keep the good function. To prolong the usage life and keep the sanitation (avoid of the interactive inflection). Sterilize, clean and dry the device after using every time. For the good effects, please change our special ion cleanse. If you use other brand, it’s easy to broken the mini-computer electrode plate and damage the machine.
What’s the role of BIO (imitation body bioelectricity)? The ion cleanse use the settled computer program to reach the newest international popular standard—BIO imitation body bioelectricity. Bio pushes the reaction of the body liquid and water. Most of the negative ion enter the body to lower the membranes electricity potential, recover the penetration of the cell membranes, enhance the detoxification ability of the cells and remove the toxin in the body. BIO also can enter the body and cells to fasten the compose of energy ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) in the cells to recover the normal movement and function of the cells, fasten the blood circulation, improve the compose of the collagen, make the skin elastic and good to beautify and work out.
Why need to clean the ion cleanse after using every time? When turn on the power, the ion cleanse will generate the HZ waves with settled frequency. The HZ waves ionize the substance in the water. It impacts the water, meanwhile the impurity will be stick on the surface of the device. If no cleaning, the impurity will lower the current on the surface of the ion cleanse. And impact the energy imput and make the dark water color when the next use, so the ion cleanse should be sterilized and cleaned after using which can prolong the usage life and keep the good function next time.
What is the notice to clean the ion cleanse? a. Use the special cleansing liquid of ion cleanse. b. The cleansing liquid dips the whole ion cleanse. c. According to the using time of the ion cleanse, choose the dipping time, usually, 5-20 minutes. Short dipping and cleaning time for the new device, but it needs to dip a longer time if use very often. The principle is to clean the heads material to new degree, but can’t be dipped too long, or it will impact its usage life. d. Wash it under the tap water after dipping. e. Finally, dry the ion heads with electrical dryer and put them back to the metal box. f. The cleansing liquid has causticity. Put it in a safe place out of the child’s reach. g. The cleansing can be used for 4-6 times repeatedly. Cover the glass after dipping.
How to choose the timing and strength when detoxification? At the first foot bath, adjust the time as 20 minutes, the strength level 3. If feel tired after the first foot bath, next time, adjust the strength to level 1, the timing still 20 minutes. If no abnormal reaction, adjust to 30 minutes. Then add 1 level every 20-30 minutes, generally, only add to 3 level.

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