Jewelry Tools 2Kg Gold Melting Machine Mini Oven Furnace

Jewelry Tools 2Kg Gold Melting Machine Mini Oven Furnace

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Product Details

  • Item TypeJewelry Tools & Equipments
  • Model NumberHd-Rjl
  • Brand NameGoldsmith
  • Jewelry Tools & Equipments TypeMolds
  • Product FeaturesBrand New
  • MaterialMetal
  • CompanyManufacturer

Product Description

Note: If your country is not in the free shipping area, please kindly contact us to change prices when you place an order. We will calcalate the right shipping cost for you. 2 kg gold melting furnace: vertical furnace is specially designed and constructed for melting metals for casting and alloying of metal up to 1100oC.30minutes for 2kg gold,Max Temperature of machine:1150COverall Dimension:215X235X370mm,Packing Size:310x310x470mm.Weight:9kg,Voltage:220V,50/60HZ. 1400W,Include:1 X melt tongs,1 X crucible.Features:High purity fiber alumina chamber for energy saving - chamber size: 60 mm dia. x 150 mm deep.Precise temperature control, easy to read digital display and LED on/off indicator light.Single point temperature control (Temperature only, no control for heeating and cooling rate and dwell).Complete accessories are included for for immediate use,One heavy duty graphite crucible with 2KG capacity. Molten gold machine instructions:1. Will melt gold machine put smoothly,
2. And carefully examined whether producte,then will cover intact,
3. Connecting switch power supply,electricity,light switch,
4. Abd the mormal work,intelligent temperature controller with the digital furnace temperature and slowly rising.If there are any complications,be sure to stop using it.
5. and in the process of operation,the furnace temperature degrees will spread,staff shall not move and collision,avoid scald and damage.6.When the temperature reached gold and gold rains melting point,staff according to demand will continue to increase.When the maximum temperature reached 1,100 degrees-28?,will stop work or in cooling condition,
7, Gold,be sure to disconnect the power supply,then use to operate,Guo professional pliers to ensure their safety,
8. And shall immdiately take gold after moving machines,owing to the high temperature,can easily damaged internal components,and burns itself to its cooling,10-20 minutes,to ensure the service life of the product,
9, Every time intorval must be in 30-60 minutes.Very esay to damage or product,
10.For precision machine,machine,if on,please do not remove the professional technology,to ensure accuracy,
11, Please pay attention to safety and maintain mormal use of machine.

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