Mch High Temperature Ceramic Heating Plate Micro Electric Heating Plate Industrial Heater Heater 5V-110V

Mch High Temperature Ceramic Heating Plate Micro Electric Heating Plate Industrial Heater Heater 5V-110V
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modname=ckeditor A/ φ16*1.3mm【5】 B/φ24*1.3mm【12】 C/7*15*1.3mm【24V】 D/10*20*1.3mm【24V】 E/30*70*1.3mm【110V】 F/26*70*1.3mm【110V】 G/20*70*1.3mm【110V】 H/15*70*1.3mm【220V】 I/15*70*1.3mm【24V】 J/12*90*2mm【110V】 L/10*70*1.3【220V】 M/10*55*1.3mm【5V】 if you need other size,please contact us: φ26*1.3mm【24】;φ40*1.3mm【12】;15*20*1.3mm【24V】;10*10*1.3mm【12V】;10*20*1.3mm【24V】;10*25*1.3mm【110V】;10*50*1.3mm【12V】. Power value: voltage * voltage divided by resistance and then divided by 1.7 application area Widely used in daily life, industrial and agricultural technology, communications, environmental protection, industrial drying equipment, electric heating device, water bonding oil and alkali liquid heater, hair (hair straighteners, hair curler), heater, cigarette lighter, electronic cigarette, incense burner, air conditioning, hot water heater and the hot taps the rapid heating device, multifunctional microwave oven, oven, oven, dryer, drying machine, mobile phone air-conditioning fan, air purifier, electric kettle, coffee pot, medical treatment, infrared physiotherapy apparatus, intravenous injection heater etc.. Main raw materials Substrate: a white multilayer alumina ceramic, the -Al2O3 content of not less than 95% Lead: the nickel wire diameter of 0.5mm. Sleeve, Teflon, high temperature resistant adhesive tape. Resistance: tungsten and other high temperature materials Product thickness: 0.7~2.0mm. Customizable Use of voltage: 3.7V, 4.5V, 5V, 7V, 6V, 9V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 110V, 220V, 380V and so on. Resistance selection: 0.3~1500 ohms, selected according to voltage, chip size power and customer demand. Performance and characteristics 1. The structure is simple. The shape, size and resistance power can be produced according to the customer's demand. 2. The heat uniformity is good, the power density is high: ≥ 45 W/cm2; 3, the resistance - temperature change is linear, and the temperature can be controlled easily by controlling the resistance or voltage. 4, rapid heating and fast compensation of temperature; 500W power start 20S temperature up to 600 degrees centigrade; its component rated power start 10S temperature up to 200 degrees centigrade; 5, the heating temperature is high, up to 700 degrees centigrade. 6, the heat efficiency is high, the heating is uniform and the energy saving (the unit heat consumption is 20 to 30% less than that of PTC). 7, the unknown fire, the surface safety is not charged. Good insulation performance: the surface safety is not charged, the insulation performance is good: can withstand the pressure test of 4500V/1S, no breakdown, leakage current

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