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Minco Heat Brand Fluoropolymer Jacket Multi-Function 12 Volts Heating Cable

Minco Heat Brand  Fluoropolymer Jacket Multi-Function 12 Volts Heating Cable
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Product Details
  • Is_CustomizedYes
  • ApplicationHeating
  • Conductor MaterialCopper
  • Conductor TypeSolid
  • Insulation MaterialTeflon
  • TypeInsulated
  • Model NumberLow Volt Heating Cable
  • Resistance0.4 Ohm/m, Customized, Contact Us
  • Diameter1.4 Mm
  • Voltage5~48V
  • ColorSend Randon
Product Description
Electric wire material: zinc nickel alloy, copper constantan, nickel wire Electric wire sheath: imported transparent Teflon material (resistance 200 degrees, strong acid and alkali resistant oil resistant, non aging, high voltage arc resistance, flame retardant etc.) Resistance: 0.4 ohm / M We also have other different resistance, if need, please contact us. Electric wire diameter: 1.4MM The electric wire can achieve low voltage high power use For example, 24V uses 20 meter for electric heating platen That is U*U/ (R*L) =P (U /R /L /P power length) 24*24/ * (0.4*20) =72W If 48V do car cushion using 40 meters long: 48*48/ (0.4*40) =144W You can caculate the power according to your need, each meter is best not more than 15W is appropriate (more durable). Application: suitable for refrigerator, air conditioning, heating USB shoes special heating wire, electric blanket, towel rack, foot massager, electric cooker, pet pad, electric warm clothing, window heating pipe, warm, car seat, electric slimming belt, blanket blanket, massage chair, pet incubator, health care equipment. Frozen and defrost equipment.
MINCO HEAT Brand  Fluoropolymer Jacket Multi-function 12 volts Heating Cable

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