Multifunctional Chinese Medicine Health Physiotherapy Wax Mud, Mud Moxibustion Health Care,expelling Wind And Cold

Multifunctional Chinese Medicine Health Physiotherapy Wax Mud, Mud Moxibustion Health Care,expelling Wind And Cold

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Product Details

  • UseBody
  • Item TypeCream
  • GenderUnisex
  • FeatureNourishing
  • IngredientHerbs Mud Moxibustion
  • Net Wt200G/ml
  • Model Number200G/ml
  • BrandHerbs Mud Moxibustion
  • EffectShoulder And Neck Dredging
  • Intended ForGeneral
  • Suitable Skin TypesCurrency
  • FlavorHerbaceous
  • Net Content200Ml

Product Description

Mud moxibustion in clinical medical application & have spent :
1. Application in the treatment of rheumatism: early to take advantage of the role of warm mud moxibustion, make local telangiectasia, improve blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, dredge the meridians, the local congestion and edema was improved and rheumatism removing toxins, thereby reducing the nerve root stimulation and oppression, the symptoms quickly alleviate and gradually disappear.
2, application of mud moxibustion in soft tissue injury: soft tissue injury is the common, chronic injury, such as lumbar muscle strain, chronic periarthritis of shoulder muscle ligament damage more common, such as not timely treatment can lead to muscle atrophy, contracture, degeneration and adhesion and recurrent. Through the mud moxibustion can make local muscle relaxation, increase blood circulation and lymphatic return, reduce swelling, eliminate pain, cure rate can reach 100%.
3, the application in the female reproductive system diseases, regulate qi-blood balance, improve the cold, wet, hot, pathogenic symptoms. Through drug absorption enhancement ovarian energy, nourishing womb, regulating endocrine system, improve irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea wait for a phenomenon.
4, in terms of body organs to maintain applications: to strengthen the digestion, absorption and secretion and excretion of adjustment, make human body balance of Yin and Yang, qi and blood flow. Comprehensive balance regulation of internal organs function, enhance immunity, enhance resistance.

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