New ! 2013 Super Man Snow Tube ,sleds ,snow Tube Sofa ,-Size 90Cm

New ! 2013  Super Man Snow Tube ,sleds ,snow Tube Sofa ,-Size 90Cm

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  • Is_CustomizedYes
  • Brand NameEnjoy Your Life
  • Model NumberSingle Size
  • Place Of OriginChina (Mainland)

Product Description

NEW ! 2013  Super Man snow tube ,sleds ,Snow tube sofa ,-size 90CM

1 person Inflatable snow tube
It can also used in the water ,like a water sofa !!!
Inflated size: 90CM
-2 heavy grab handles
-flexible vinyl material
-double-welded seams for extreme snow ply
Max weight:100 kg
pvc thickness :0.40mm
NW:1.1KG ;GW:1.2KG

[For age] 5+

[Features] export genuine, vivid printing, Chaoxuan inflatable ski ring! !
1. thick wear-resistant materials2.can useing under cold -40 degrees
3.The use of safety, and the other with a tie clip and pulling rope can drag forward.
4.Bottom of the special increase wear-resistant film, more wear-resistant than ordinary ski circle.
5. special four heightening handle with gloves.6. Imports of environmentally friendly materials.
Color: like the picture

Package: gift box,

Contain:1Sled +1 repair glue

NEW ! 2013  Super Man snow tube ,sleds ,Snow tube sofa ,-size 90CM

Snow Tubes: A Few Quick Tips
1. Wintertime always brings with it a host of enjoyable ways to be active outside, despite the freezing weather. And generally it is the snow sled, snowboard, and snowshoe that get a lot of attention. But the snow tube deserves a solid look at, not only because it is a good bit of fun, but because it\'s inexpensive and easy to store during the off-season.

2. Ready for some unimpressive trivia? The snow tube doesn\'t usually have a hole in the middle. That\'s right, it\'s usually just a dimple where you can comfortably sit and bounce your way down the hill. If the hole were the way through, you\'d eventually slip down and touch the ground, causing fun-ruining drag. It also allows plastic runners to go all along the bottom for greater control and speed.

3. Snow tubing is way fun, no doubt, but in general snow tubes can be pretty difficult to control. Protect yourself from becoming a bare-headed, errant projectile by using a proper helmet with firm polystyrene. Should you be unfortunate enough as to actually employ the helmet for its intended purpose, replace it even if it doesn\'t look broken.

4. We like snow tubes with lots of handles, not just a couple. Ideally, you\'d go down the hill seated with your feet first, but snow tubes can be a little unpredictable, so it\'s nice to have a few contingency handles just in case.

5. Most people, like their car tires, tend to under fill snow tubes. We won\'t speak for every tube or manufacturer, but the tube should feel very firm. A single adult of average weight should be able to stand on it without changing the shape too much or losing balance. A firm snow tube means a more controlled, safer ride, not to mention a faster one.

6. Because no snow tube is perfectly air tight, adjustments may need to be made. If you are going to leave your snow tube out in the sun for a while, let out a little air (remember, hot air expands). Conversely, if you leave it in the shade for a few hours, expect to have to fill it a bit more to get it back to the proper pressure.
Find more information in our Snow Tubes Helpful Information section!

Inflatable supplies self-repair tutorial

Remember not to use inflatable supplies over-inflated, over-inflated bulge caused problems (ie, the internal drawstring fracture) can not be repaired, inflated people waited in the next, do not leave. Another general problems are leak! Inflatable supplies are generally the warranty period for warranty return shipping by the buyer.

If you can do it yourself trim, both can save freight back and forth, you can also not have to wait long round-trip transportation time Oh.
Now I\'ll tell you how to repair:

1, maintenance products, the first step is to leak the place to find out. First check inflation port, the product is full of gas, inflatable mouth up, pour a little water to the inflation port
Look at whether the inflation port bubbling. If bubbling gas nozzle did not make things right in the leak, the gas nozzle is screwed again is screwed on can (be careful not to screw crooked).

The gas nozzle did not leak, possibly is the product broke a small hole. General inflated volume is relatively large, it is impossible to Product soaked in water inside to check.
The first product, this time filled with gas (try to charge up a little, if not enough up can take a pressing above). Then there is a little bit detection sequence, based on past experience,
Punctured by sharp objects at the bottom of chance, you can start at the bottom and the side to the surface so that detection. Hand in the off position about PVC surface 1CM gently move the hand
Move to the breach, the hand will be clearly felt the gas emitted by the cool. Then remember the leakage of the place (you can use chalk or something to be a small mark).

3, find the leak, followed by a second step --- patch repair is a relatively simple matter, the first gas let go, with supporting repair glue water drop 1 to 2 drops of glue in
Break there can be two hours, the glue to dry naturally. If the break is relatively large, it is supporting the repair piece cut out a small piece (just enough to cover the break
Like), glue applied to cut a good patch piece above, and then clean the break dust (flocking, need to the flocking carefully scraped off with a knife), and then repair
Patch affixed to break there to break cover! Glue to dry naturally after.

4 glue dries charged gas, if it is discovered leak is in addition to just repaired lacerations, there should be other lacerations recapture gas after the above steps overhaul
One more time!

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