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[Pr] 4P 4Pin Connector For Large Current Spring Needle Intelligent Machine Power Connector Pogopin Factory Direct

[Pr] 4P 4Pin Connector For Large Current Spring Needle Intelligent Machine Power Connector Pogopin Factory Direct
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Company introduction: Professional production and design of mobile phone battery connector, spring thimble type battery connector, POGOPIN/ spring needle, needle, needle, charging current probe, electronic connectors, coaxial connector, metal copper, aluminum, iron, stainless steel car parts. Widely used in mobile phone, charger, flashlight, digital camera, Bluetooth Headset, automotive, medical equipment and other electronic products, structural engineers because it in the design due to the excellent spatial ultrashort ultra small size generated by saving ability, coupled with the electroplating process of adding and multiplying conduction ability, high frequency characteristics and low conducting impedance let our connector has excellent, in addition, in the spring connector design ensures life stability stable elastic and count to one hundred thousand meter! Probe type connector (pogo pin connector) based on the excellent performance, it is to solve the connection technology of the traditional spring type connector which can not be solved. Product structure engineer are increasingly gradually understand and know it, in many high-end products field, probe type connector (pogo pin connector) is the rapid phagocytosis and replace the traditional spring type connector market, has gradually become the mainstream technology! The company's four major advantages: 1 professional team 2 the idea of quality first 3 sophisticated equipment and perfect the technology process 4 rapid response 1, the performance of the product: pogopin product contact material the use of brass +PA46 environmental protection, electroplating gold, can better waterproof, moisture-proof, conductive performance is better; the spring adopts imported stainless steel fine line, good elasticity, more durable and elastic can reach more than 10000 times; 2 areas of application: products are widely used in mobile communications products, digital products, electronic game machine products, medical equipment, such as digital camera, mainly used in conductive or signal transmission, at present a lot of products using pogopin instead of metal shrapnel, reliable performance, the production of more convenient, faster delivery; 3, packing: pogopin products can tape (tape) packaging, needle equipped with plastic buckle, contribute to the automatic chip processing, can be in bulk, convenient manual welding or reflow soldering machine, but also conducive to the products during transportation, protection products better; 4, environmental information: the company can provide the latest version of the SGS test report and proof materials. 1 Overview This specification defines the performance parameters and test the Pogo pin requirements. 2 requirements 2.1 dimensions Size must meet the product requirement of drawings. 2.2 material and plating Body brass alloy, nickel plated 1-3 U above, 50U "". Plunger brass alloy, nickel plated 1-3 U above, 50U "". Spring are stainless steel. The 3 parameter 3.1 continuous working current: 1.5A 3.2 working voltage: less than 12V25 C 3.3 service life: 10000 times 3.4 job: -75 degree centigrade thermometer -25 90% R.H.Max 3.5 storage temperature: -40 C -85 C 90% R.H.Max 4 electrical performance 4.1 contact impedance at the working point contact resistance 100M in the 500V DC or AC conditions 4.3 500AC high voltage 1 minutes maximum leakage current 0.3mA 5 mechanical properties 5.1 the positive force of working point is greater than 60gf 5.2 retention capacity 1kg/pin 5.3 durability 10000 spring force remain in scope 5.4 vibration resistance 15 minutes 10 ~ 500HZ vibration frequency, the amplitude of 1.2mm, not more than 1U sec. power down, the contact impedance
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