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Round Bottom Tube Cork Tube 30*200Mm High Temperature Thick Glass Tube Of 120Ml

Round Bottom Tube Cork Tube 30*200Mm High Temperature Thick Glass Tube Of 120Ml
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Product Details
  • MaterialGlass
  • Surface HandlingScreen Printing
  • Model Number2324
  • Sealing TypeCork
  • Industrial UseCosmetic Bottle
Product Description
1 modeling(1) the tube of round bottom is a round bottom flat glass tube, pipe welding light. Flat, easy to disinfect bacteria killing nozzle.2 main uses(1) a liquid or solid reagent.(2) heat a small amount of solid or liquid.(3) producing a small amount of gas.(4) collect a small amount of gas.(5) dissolved in a small amount of gas, liquid, or solid.(6) as a container for holding a container in a centrifuge.(7) a reaction vessel used as a small amount of reagent to use in a normal temperature or heating.3 the use of attention(1) when the solution is not more than 1/2 of the test tube capacity, the heating time is not more than 1/3.(2) with burette tube dropping liquid should be suspended dripping, not into the tube.(3) from solid block to use forceps to tube mouth, then slowly raised tube solid slide into the bottom of the test tube, can not make direct solid fall, prevent the tube bottom rupture.(4) heating the use of the test tube, the tube mouth can not to the person. Filled with solid heating tube, tube slightly to, when heating the liquid tilted about 45 degrees.(5) to be heated uniformly, so as to avoid bumping or tube burst.(6) after heating can not quench, prevent rupture.(7) when heated to preheat, prevent sudden heat tube burst.(8) when heated to keep the tube wall without water, prevent the uneven heating and burst.(9) after heating can not be cooled to room temperature in the test tube after the washing tube.(10) when the test tube clip is taken into the test tube, the tube clip is clamped from the bottom of the tube, and the upper part of the test tube is three equal to the tube length, and the tube clip is reasonable in the 1/3 part of the tube end.(11) the application of outer flame heating.
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