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Royal Jelly Capsules Pure Royal Jelly Immune System Booster and Supports Skin Health

Royal Jelly Capsules Pure Royal Jelly Immune System Booster and Supports Skin Health
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Product Details
  • Brand NameBainianjianti
  • Charge UnitBottles
  • Department NameAdult
  • PackagingBottle
  • CertificationCfda
  • Shelf Life24 Months
  • GenderUnisex
  • ItemRoyal Jelly Lyophilized Powder Rape Pollen Capsule
  • Specification60 Pcs/Bottle
  • IngredientsRoyal Jelly Lyophilized Powder, Rape Pollen Powder
  • FunctionImprove Immunity
  • Suggested Use2 Pcs Once, 2 Times A Day
  • Storage MethodSeal, Keep In Cool And Dry Place
  • AttentionThis Product Can't Instead Of Medicine.
  • Unsuitable CrowdYoung Children, Pregnant Woman
Product Description
Pure Natural Bee Royal Jelly Lyophilized Powder Rape Pollen CapsuleĀ  Royal Jelly capsule is the sole diet of the Queen Bee. It's the highly nutritious nectar created by the worker bees to feed their Queen.

Royal Jelly contains powerful antibacterial protein and is rich in amino acids, including 8 essential amino acids and 5 unidentified related compounds, Royal Jelly also contains aspartic acids, which is necessary for tissue growth.

60 Pcs/ Bottle
Recommended Use: 2 Capsules Once, 2 Times a Day

The amazing benefits of Royal Jelly
A rich source of B vitamins and a full-day energy source, including vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12.
Keep youthful and Healthy
Adjust the hormone balance.
Strengthens the immune system and disease resistance of the body.
Help to make you feel refreshed, not tired, help to nourish hair.
increase the absorption rate of food and help the oxygen to nourish the various parts of the body better.
increase the rate of waste of the body and carbon dioxide
increase the pregnancy rate even more.
increase bone density Both in the children and older people.
Reducing red blood cells And control minerals. The blood in the blood is even more consistent.
help relieve insomnia The essential acid component is Decenonic Acid, a natural acid. It helps to relax. And the nerves are relaxing.
help to improve blood circulation system.
help to feel warm when eating Especially in the patients and the elderly.
Helps to prevent leukemia. Lymphoma And relieve chronic symptoms of many types of cancer.
reduce sugar in the blood. In the bee milk is a peptide that acts like insulin. It can help reduce blood sugar.
help to reduce inflammation of the joints. And tissue Because in the royal jelly contains the same effect as steroid. But no harm and side effects. It also helps to revitalize the tissues. After illness, to be healthier, faster.
help build immunity makes the body stronger. By helping to create white blood cells. It can help to eliminate toxicity and resistance to radiation exposure.
improve the development of children Make children grow. The physical, intellectual, appetite. And increase height
improves sex performance for males. To stay longer.
Help to adjust blood pressure. High pressure drop is normal.
help prevent anemia with a mixture of folic acid and vitamin B
Royal Jelly Capsules Pure Royal Jelly Immune System Booster and Supports Skin Health

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