Sword Lightsaber Metal Hilt Stick Luke Star Jedi Cosplay Led Light Saber With Voice Vader Discoloration Luminous Lightstick Gift

Sword Lightsaber Metal Hilt Stick Luke Star Jedi Cosplay Led Light Saber With Voice Vader Discoloration Luminous Lightstick Gift
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  • FeaturesFlashing
  • MaterialMetal
  • GenderUnisex
  • Age Range> 6 Years Old
  • Model NumberQf Rgb
  • WarningDon't Hurt People
  • Brand NameDoyoqi
  • Item TypeGlow Stick
  • RelatedGlow Stick

Product Description

Please note that:
Don't pay 15USD separately. This is the money to upgrade the blade length. It must be paid with the lightsaber.
If the blade length is not upgraded, the total length of the product will be 100 cm. If the upgrade fee of $15 is paid, the total length will increase to 116 cm.

This product has just been on the market for 19 years. Our team has been preparing and testing for a long time. This product uses customized special chips, stronger support, built-in five sound programs, and a silence program. It has a 9-watt led lamp. You can also think of it as a cool lighting fixture. It is very popular with many artists. The material and manufacturing process of the product are better. If it is used as a gift, it will be amazing.
When you buy more than 2, system 5% discount
This is a product of the big handle series. The product is heavier and more powerful.

Two types of lightsabers:
Fixed color product: Light Swords with Fixed Luminous Colors
RGB color Product: Light sabers that can change 11 colors
Fixed color lightsabers shine brighter, but only one color can not change the color,
so please buy according to your own preferences.
We recommend that you buy lightsabers with variable colors.


1 x handle
1 x blade
1 x USB charging line
1 x tools

Material: Metal handle, PC blade
Size: Handle 32cm / 12.6inch . blade 2.54*77cm / 28.34inch
If you want to upgrade the 92cm blade, please pay an additional 92cm blade.
Combination size:about 107cm / 42.12inch
Handle color: Silver+Black+Golden
Color of blade: 11 kinds of color Changing
Charging: USB fast charging
Charging time:4-8hours
LED: 9Watts RGB LED with 11colors
Materials:Hilt made by Frosted Aluminium alloy.blade made by Light Diffusion PC
Features: Blaster,lock-up,color changing,flash on clash ( Quiet mode, can be used as a lamp )

1.Click to turn on the lightsaber,long press for three seconds to turn off the
2.When saber is on, tapping button plays blaster sound, holding button for 1 second and tapping plays lock up on a loop, tapping button again ends lockup loop.
3.Holding button for 2 seconds and long press to select colors,release the button to confirm.
4.When saber is off long press for 1 second and release the button to select sound fonts.Long press for 1 second go to the next sound font.
5.When saber is off long press for three seconds to turn on or off sound.

1.The handle and blade can be moved,Pictures of dismantling products contact customer service.
2.The tube is very strong and can be used for struggle.
3.Please use our charging cable to charger the saber first.
4.Good quality 2AMP wall charger can charge fast.
5.If saber no sound long press button to activate sound when saber off.
6.The wrinkle inside the blade is normal use for spreading light.

5 sets of sound effects:

each set has the sound effect of the switch machine, the standby (background) sound effect, the swords effect, the sound effect, the sound effect, the switching sound effect, the low power sound effect and the charge effect...

Light effect:
flame mode, full bright mode, high and low brightness regulation, breathing mode, heartbeat mode, flickering mode, explosive flashing mode spelling sword;

Volume regulation and mute mode:
volume high school low regulation, mute function;
Memory function:
light effect memory, sound effect memory;
Vibration special effect:
switch machine vibration, switch vibration.

1.Children under 6years old no playing!
2.Only for fun!Ban violent!
3.This product is a LED luminous toy. Long time direct vision may affect your eyesight.
4.The left and right screws of the handle of the hilt are fixed, and can be rotated.
5.The screws on the handle are used for fixing internal fittings. No dismantling is allowed.

About tariffs
1. This product is very long. We do not recommend using DHL for transportation, because DHL will have a certain probability of being required to pay high tariffs.
2. We suggest that you choose sellers'customized delivery mode, which usually takes about 2-4 weeks and 10-20 days in developed countries.
3. If you want to choose DHL transportation, you have a certain probability of being required to pay customs duties. Please understand.

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