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Tangda Insulated Green Ferrite Core Bead 64*30*25 Magnetic Ring Magnetic Coil Inductance Interference Anti-Interference Filter

Tangda Insulated Green Ferrite Core Bead 64*30*25 Magnetic Ring Magnetic Coil Inductance Interference Anti-Interference Filter
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Product Name:Ferrite bead Outside diameter (OD): 64mmAn inner diameter (ID):30mmHigh (HT):25mm You Know One:Please describe according to the page size to buy, according to the size of the magnet sales, unit mm (millimeters), magnetic positive and negative deviations, do not buy imagined! Two:Pictures are 100% in-kind shooting, due to external light and camera focal length factor, physical and picture may be different, or the appearance of color such as product batches appear slightly different, is a normal phenomenon does not affect the use, the picture only for reference , please prevail in kind. Three:Ring is fragile, be sure to check when whether the courier surface magnetic intact and then sign, if you have any questions, please contact us. Four:Honesty is the seller of the traditional understanding of the virtues of a buyer. Any problems can be negotiated with any problems can be solved. The purchased products have any problems, the first time to contact us, we will help you solve the first time. Also known magnetic ferrite bead, is commonly used in anti-jamming electronic circuit components, high-frequency noise has a good inhibition, general use of ferrite materials (Mn-Zn) Is made. Ring at different frequencies have different impedance characteristics, usually in the low frequency impedance is very small, when the signal frequency increases impedance magnetic performance dramatically. We all know that the higher the frequency, the more likely to radiate out (to buy high-quality computer chassis is to reduce electromagnetic leakage), and general signal lines are no shield, then these signal lines became veryGood antenna to receive all kinds of clutter surrounding environment of high-frequency signals, and these signals have been superimposed on the signal transmission, even change the original useful signal transmission. So in ring action, so that the normal useful signal by good, but very good suppression of high-frequency interference signals, and low cost. So everyone in the monitor signal line,USBCable, and even high-end keyboard, mouse point of view of the type of plastic lump-one ring is not surprising. Ring turns choose The whole bundle of cable through a ferrite bead constitutes a common mode choke, if necessary, may also be in the ring on top of the cable around a few turns. The more turns, the lower frequency interference suppression, the better, the higher frequency noise while weak inhibition. In the actual project, according to the characteristics of the interference current frequency magnetic ring to adjust the number of turns. Usually when wide-band interference signals, you can set both on the cable ring, each magnetic surround different turns, so you can simultaneously suppress high frequency interference and low-frequency interference. Mechanism of action from the point of view of the common mode choke coil, the greater the impedance, the more obvious the effect of interference suppression. The common mode choke coil impedance from the common mode inductance Lcm = jwLcm, not difficult to see from the formula, the noise of a certain frequency, magnetic inductance bigger the better. But the reality is not the case, because the actual ring also parasitic capacitance, and its existence is parallel with the inductor. When faced with high frequency noise, the capacitor capacitance is small, the magnetic inductance of the short circuit, so that the common mode choke useless.
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