Tangda Iron Powder Cores T400-8 Od*id*ht 102*57*16.5 Mm 60Nh/n2 35Uo Iron Dust Core Ferrite Toroid Core Toroidal Yellow Red

Tangda Iron Powder Cores T400-8 Od*id*ht 102*57*16.5 Mm 60Nh/n2 35Uo Iron Dust Core Ferrite Toroid Core Toroidal Yellow Red

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  • Model NumberIron Power Core
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Material Characteristics:
iron powder core is a kind of soft magerntic material which is composed of iron powder and insulating material.After insulating treatment,the iron powder is pressed into required shape and size and goes throuth heating,and coating sometimes.The evenly distributed gap inside the iron powder core is the main feature.

The maximum operating temperature of toroidal cores is 150oC.
The toroidal cores are coated with epoxy resin with minimum 500V AC breakdown.
The toroidal shape provides good magnetic flux coupling and low stray flux leakage,
The height of the toroidal shape (also referred as "thickness") is easy to vary and requires no tooling changes

1.This toroids products offer a simple, compact solution for making inductors, coupled inductors and transformers. RF circuits, EC power supply chokes, motors dimmer control filters.
2.We have accumulated abundant experience and established stable and credible business relationships with customers worldwide. With rich experience in dealing with all types of large and small orders, we have developed extensive contacts with many local and international freight organizations. Consequently, we are able to ship our goods safely and reliably to almost anywhere in the world

-2/-14 Materials
The low permeability of these materials will result in lower operating AC fiux density than other materials with no additional gap-loss.The -14 Material is similar to -2 Material with slightly higher permeability.

-8 Material
The material has low core loss and good linearity under high bias conditions,A good high frequency material.The highest cost material.

-18 Materials
The material has low core loss similar to the-8Material with higher permeability and a lower cost.Good DC saturation characteristics.

-19 Materials
An expensive alternate to the -18 Material with the same permeability and somewhat higher core losses.

The most popular material.It is a cost effective general purpose material that is useful in a wide variety of power conversion and line filter applications.

-28/-30 Materials
The good linearity,low cost,and relatively low permeability of this material make it popular in large sizes for high power UPS chokes.

-33/-34/-35 Materials
An inexpensive alternate to the -8Material for applications where high frequency core loss is not critical.Good linearity with high bias.

With its high magnetic permeability, is a low budget alternate of -26Material.It is the best choice for linear frequency application.

The least expensive material.It has characteristics quite similar to the very popular -26 Material.Popular in large sizes.

The highest permeability Material.A high permeability alternate to -52 Material with slightly higher core losses.

The material has lower core loss at high frequency and the same permeability as the -26 Material.It is very popular for high frequency choke designs.

Tangda Iron powder cores T400-8 OD*ID*HT 102*57*16.5 mm 60nH/N2 35uo Iron dust core Ferrite Toroid Core toroidal yellow red

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