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Teensy3.2 And 2756 Ndustries Teensy Header Module Teensy 3.2 + Header

Teensy3.2 And 2756 Ndustries Teensy Header Module Teensy 3.2 + Header
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Teensy 3.2 is a small, bread plate type development board designed by Paul Stoffregen and PJRC. 3.2 brought a Teensy low-cost 32-bit ARM architecture (M4 platform, amateur, students and engineers, using the IDE (Teensyduino) adaptation, or directly in C language programming. 3.2 is to upgrade the Teensy 3.1!Teensy 3.2 is a simple and easy to replace upgraded to 3.1, you can run any sketch design is 3.1.

This complete based on the latest version of the USB microcontroller development system now adds a more powerful 3.3 V voltage regulator, and accept a wide input voltage range. The board has the same size, shape and pins, and all the shield is fully compatible with, and attached the Teensy 3.1 boards, plus the Teensy flash two 3.0.

Let\'s get started!

Please note: the Teensy 3 and 2 is the official brand. Although Teensyduino IDE has been adjusted, the project to make many simple and Teensy, there are still a lot of libraries and shields, and will work with this device does not work!If you are a new micro controller, we suggest to use the classic UNO, because all the projects, the instance and the library will work with it.

Once the header file be installed they can be assembled to 0.6 "wide socket

Technical parameters:

32-bit ARM architecture (M4 72 MHZ CPU (extension) M4 = DSP chip here (warning page 1227), as well as data sheet and user guide freescale reference manual.
256 k flash memory, a 64 k RAM, 2 k block of the EEPROM
21 * high-resolution analog input (13 available, 16-bit hardware)
34 * digital I/O pins (21 simulation sharing)
12 PWM output
1 12 DAC output
8 / delay timer intervals, independent of the PWM
USB and dedicated DMA transmission memory
CAN bus
3 UART (serial)
SPI, I2C, I2S, infrared modulator
The high quality audio interface (I2S)
Real time clock (with the users to add 32.768 crystal vibration and battery)
16 general DMA channels (independent of the USB)
Touch sensor input
Information, documents and specifications are all in the Teensy website. Please check out more detailed information!
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