Thidiazuron Tdz 95% Powder Free Shiping

Thidiazuron Tdz 95% Powder Free Shiping

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Product Details

  • ClassificationPlant Food
  • Cas No.51707-55-2
  • Brand NameFarm-Reaching
  • Einecs No.257-356-7
  • StatePowder
  • Purity95% Tc
  • ApplicationUsed For Defoliant
  • Other NamesThidiazuron
  • Model NumberFm022
  • MfC9H8N4Os
  • ColorWhite
  • StatePowder
  • Cas No51707-55-2
  • Eincecs257-356-7
  • Purity95%
  • Packing200Gram/bag
  • ApplicationUsed For Defoliant
  • BrandFarm-Reaching
  • After Sell ServiceLife Long
  • Delievery TimeWithin 3 Days

Product Description

Notes: All the goods in our store can offer small order such as:
10gram/order\' 25 gram/order\' 50 gram/order\' 100 gram/order\'
If you have the needs,just leave me a message.

In order to pass your local custom safely, we may change another
name to apply for custom, but the goods we send is what you order,
if you buy the goods means accept this point.

Becasue Differnt country has different policy.
To make the goods get your address easily ,sometimes i have to use another express company which is no as same as you selected.

If it is not acceptable for you, before place the order, pls contact with me to confirm it.

Thanks for your attention !!!

Thidiazuron 95% TC, 50% WP High effect plant growth regulator
1. Plant growth regulator 2. CAS NO.: 51707-55-2 3. Appearance: light yellow or off-white powder 4. Formulation: Thidiazuron 97% /95% TC, 50% WP Product name: Thidiazuron 97% TC 1.Chemical Analysis Items Standard Appearance Light yellow or off-white Powder Content 97.0% min Ph 6.0-8.0 Moisture 0.4% max. Insoluble matter in DMF 0.1% max 2. General informations 2. Under temperature 23 , in water the solubility is 31mg / L (PH7.25 ), in ethane 0.002, in methanol 4.20, in methylene chloride 0.003 , in toluene 0.40 , in acetone 6.67 , in ethyl acetate 1.1 ( g / l , 20 ). 3.Easily converted into optical lead isomer when exposed in light, stable at pH 5 to 9 at room temperature , accelerated storage stability study (14 days , 54 ) decomposition . 1. Used as cotton defoliant; 2. Used to promote fruit set and keep fresh; 3. Promote the production of crops. Low toxicity to human and animals. Rat acute oral LD50>4000mg/kg, acute percutaneous LD50>1000mg/kg. It has a mild irritation to eyes, no stimulation to the skin. 3. Instruction and attentions 4. Effect tablet of peanuts\' fruiting character and output after sprayed thidiazuron Quantity of blighted pod per plant (a)
Thidiazuron TDZ 95% Powder free shiping

Thidiazuron TDZ 95% Powder free shiping

Thidiazuron TDZ 95% Powder free shiping

Thidiazuron TDZ 95% Powder free shiping

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